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11/1/19: Statement of Reptile Facility Tragedy in Indiana. Read it HERE.

11/1/19: ACTION ALERT: New Cumberland, PA. All animals covered. Read it HERE.

10/28/19: ACTION ALERT: Utah regulation changes. Read it HERE.

10/27/19: ACTION ALERT: Natchez, MS: all animals affected. Read it HERE.

10/26/19: ACTION ALERT: Pennsylvania Animal Program Ban. Read it HERE.

10/8/19: Newsletter: NARBC Tinley! Plus Action Alerts and more! Read it HERE.

9/25/19: ACTION ALERT: Branson, MO. Read it HERE.

9/25/19: Newsletter: WV Update, Action Alerts, Sacramento Show, and more. Read it HERE.

9/12/19: Big show and good times in Texas. NARBC. Read it HERE.

8/23/19: Los Angeles Exotic Animal Program Permit Proposal. Read it HERE.

8/21/19: Don Hamper Memorial: Read it HERE.

8/12/19 Newsletter: NRBE #30! And did you know about USARK Florida? Read it HERE.

8/7/19 Newsletter: It's Reptile Super Show time! Read it HERE.

7/12/19 Newsletter: ACTION ALERTS and Reptile Super Show. Read it HERE.

7/9/19: ACTION ALERT: West Virginia Reptile Ban. Read it HERE.

6/18/19: ACTION ALERT: Leland, North Carolina blanket "exotic animal" ban. Read it HERE.

6/18/19: Newsletter: NC local ban ALERT, Herpeton recap, & FL econ survey. Read it HERE.

6/8/19: ACTION ALERT: Federal bill "Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act’’

4/7/19: New Herpetoculture Economic Study. Read it HERE.

4/4/49: Pennsylvania "Traveling Animal Act" ban. Read it HERE.

3/27/19: North Carolina SB357: Big cats, Bears, Great apes. Read it HERE.

3/26/19: ACTION ALERT: Nevada "Dangerous Wild Animal" Ban: Read it HERE.

3/19/19: Florida prohibited species update. Full details at www.myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/nonnatives/rule-development.

3/13/19: NARBC, rattlesnake conservation, and ReptileFest. Read it HERE.

3/11/19: ACTION ALERT: STOP gassing in Texas (Good bill!). Read it HERE.

3/6/19: ACTION ALERT: Rattlesnakes Threatened in Alabama. Read it HERE.

2/25/19: ACTION ALERT: Florida tegu and iguana listing. Read it HERE.

2/20/19: ACTION ALERT: New Mexico: Ban on sales of CITES 1 species. Read it HERE.

2/18/19: ACTION ALERT: Texas HB135 (Good bill!): Read it HERE.

2/16/19: ACTION ALERT: California Animal Program Ban. Read it HERE.

2/14/19: ACTION ALERT: Illinois Animal Program Ban: Read it HERE.

2/13/19: Important Florida Stakeholder Meeting, NARBC Texas, and ALERTS. Read it HERE.

2/4/18: ACTION ALERT: New Hampshire SB161. Read it HERE.

1/31/19: ALERT Newsletter: State: AR, NH, RI, FL & Local: WI & NY + Federal Bill. Read it HERE.

1/31/19: ACTION ALERT: New Hampshire Overreaching Pet Animal Database. Read it HERE.

1/30/19: ALERT: Village of Gouverneur, NY Potential ban on ALL snakes. Read it HERE.

1/30/19: Arkansas UPDATE. Public meeting announced. Details HERE.

1/26/19: ACTION ALERT: Rhode Island Animal Program Ban. Read it HERE.

1/19/19: ACTION ALERT: Wausau, WI ban on all constrictor snakes. Click for details.

1/15/19: Florida 21-day comment period now open. Changes and comment link HERE.

1/10/19: Arkansas Update. Read it HERE.

1/2/19: Reptile Super Show and CarpetFest Fundraisers. Read it HERE.

11/28/18: Florida FWC Public Survey. Read it HERE.

11/12/18: Phoenix Reptile Expo, TTPG, and Croc Conservation, too! Read it HERE.

10/17/18: The reptile community steps up for Tell Hicks. Read it HERE.

10.9.18: Arkansas ALERT, Tell Hicks Fundraiser, NARBC Tinley, & Law Symposium. Read it HERE.

10.2.18: FWC Import Moratorium of Certain Species and online survey (Florida). Read more HERE.

9/23/18: ARKANSAS ALERT: AGFC Regulation Changes. Read it HERE.

9/27/18: Arkansas Alert and Sacramento Reptile Show. Read it HERE.

9/19/18: NARBC Texas and Arkansas Regulation Changes. Read it HERE.

9/18/18: Arkansas Proposed Captive Wildlife Changes. Read them HERE.

8/31/18: Arkansas Proposed Captive Wildlife Changes. Meeting on Sept. 5. Read the draft HERE.

8/16/18: Daytona time is here again! (plus a new herp book): Read it HERE.

8/10/18: Reptile Super Show (and more): Read it HERE.

7/31/18: Five Sri Lankan Tarantula Species Listed under ESA: Read it HERE.

7/28/18: Texas Turtle Regulation Changes and more. Read it HERE.

7/19/18: FWS Announces ESA Regulation Revisions: Read it HERE.

7/16/18: HR6362 and S3210, Invasive Species Bills. Read it HERE.

7/15/18: HR6362, Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2018. Read it HERE.

7/13/18: Delta Cargo policy changes for live animal transportation. Read it HERE.

7/12/18: 2018 Herp Law Symposium registration is now open. All details at www.herpsymposium.com.

7/5/18: Reptile Super Show San Diego! Read it HERE.

6/17/18: ACTION ALERT: Arkansas (newsletter). Read it HERE.

6/16/18: ACTION ALERT: Arkansas Regulation Review. Read it HERE.

6/14/18: ALERT: Arkansas Wildlife Regulation Review: Read it HERE.

3/29/18: Florida FWC meeting, rattlesnake conservation, and more. Read it HERE.

3/27/18: FWC to address injurious species at April 25-26 meeting. More details HERE.

3/6/18: Illinois House Resolution 0887 admonishes the Humane Society of the United States for their misleading practices, including their disrespectful work culture and lack of commitment to supporting animals. Read it HERE.

2/15/18: NARBC Texas, ALERTS, and a Huge Thank You: Read it HERE.

1/17/18: ACTION ALERT: New Jersey: Ban on Educational Outreach

1/17/18: ACTION ALERT: Washoe County, NV: Exotic Animal Ban

1/2/18: ACTION ALERT Nevada and Reptile Super Show: Read it HERE.

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