Phil Goss

Phil is a longtime herper and herpetoculturist, having been active in the hobby and industry for over 25 years. Phil currently owns Goss Reptiles ( and has worked in all aspects of the industry including pet shops, large scale breeder, pet distributors, and industry manufacturer. Phil's love for all animals (but mostly reptiles) and his industry knowledge make him a perfect candidate for this position. Phil is a graduate from Indiana University with a degree in education. USARK welcomed Phil Goss as our president in 2013 and he has been protecting your freedoms to keep and breed reptiles over six years, including leading USARK to an unprecedented victory in our federal Lacey Act battle.

Gary Bagnall

Gary Bagnall is the president/CEO of Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., which is the largest manufacturer of reptile care products worldwide.

Gary started working in the pet industry at age 11 and at 19 founded California Zoological Supply, an importer/exporter of captive and farm raised reptiles. In 1993 Gary developed the first commercial UVB lamp for reptiles which was the "tipping point" on how live reptiles are keep in captivity. Currently Zoo Med holds 17 patents and manufactures over 900 products for reptiles, tropical fish and pet birds. Zoo Med also has a an extensive live animal facility and will hatch out over 400 live turtles, tortoises and lizards this year!

Dr. Warren Booth

Warren Booth obtained his B.Sc. in Genetics from the Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2000, followed by a Ph.D. in Population Genetics and Evolutionary Biology from the same institution in 2005. He then relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2006 to assume a Research Associate position in the Department of Entomology at the North Carolina State University. There, his work focused on the population genetic structure of invasive insect pests. While there, he established research focused on the use of molecular markers to understand the evolution of reproductive life-histories. This includes the evolution of alternate reproductive strategies in reptiles (primarily parthenogenesis and long-term sperm storage), their distribution within the phylogeny of snakes, understanding reproductive success and parentage within natural populations, and also the evolution and importance of alternate reproductive strategies in vertebrate and invertebrate populations. To date, his research has spanned a broad evolutionary hierarchy ranging from the resolution of phylogenetic relationships within taxa, the determination of patterns of phylogeographic and population genetic structure within species, the elucidation of breeding systems, and the determination of genetic relatedness among individuals within populations. This is achieved through the development (using next generation systems) and application of molecular tools/techniques, particularly microsatellite DNA profiling, in addition to RFLP and sequencing of both mtDNA and nuclear genes. As of August 2012, he will relocate to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he has accepted a tenure track position as Assistant Professor of Molecular Ecology at the University of Tulsa.

Ralph Davis

Ralph is a businessman from Maryland and owns several small businesses. Reptiles have always been a passion of his. Ralph has built Ralph Davis Reptiles, LLC into one of the most well-branded and successful ball python breeding operations in the world. He enjoys competitive fishing and spending time with his family.

Todd Goodman

Todd Goodman is the president/CEO of Timberline Live Pet Foods; the world's
largest supplier of live foods for exotic animals. With 120+ employees,
Timberline is the industry leader of feeder insect research and
production. Often regarded as the expert in feeder insect nutrition, Todd
has promoted proper nutrition and diet diversity for reptiles and
amphibians for nearly 25 years.

A graduate of Eastern Illinois University, Todd currently serves on many
boards including: The United Way board (12+ years), Hands of Hope Free
Clinic board (10+ years) and served on the Marion Unit 2 School board (12 years).

Jeff Ronne

Jeff Ronne Sr. is the owner of Boaphile Enterprises and part of this business is dedicated to the captive propagation of Boa Constrictors. He literally wrote the book on breeding Boas and has unlocked the secrets of captive reproduction of this (previously) infrequently bred species. In 1996, Reptiles Magazine published Jeff’s article, “Revelations of a Boa Breeder,” rewriting many misconceptions of Boa Constrictor reproduction. Nearly every detail and nuance we now know about Boa Constrictor reproduction was first introduced (in print) in one of several articles authored by Jeff.

Boaphile Plastics Inc. (another segment of Boaphile Enterprises) has provided state-of-the-art reptile enclosures to hobbyists, institutions and other reptile keepers for over 12 years and has focused the advancement of such on efficient husbandry, as well as form and function. Jeff’s experience as a herpetoculturist and master craftsman make him uniquely qualified to design and produce these enclosures which have helped captive reptiles thrive.

Boa constrictors were the most popular species kept by hobbyist before the onset of the Federal threat (a.k.a “notice of inquiry”), which was the impetus for the founding of USARK, and Jeff has been involved with USARK since its inception. Jeff is especially interested in the preservation of the right to keep and/or breed all reptiles for individuals and has successfully bred boa constrictors every year since 1986.

Ramy Guirguis

Ramy Guirguis is the organizer and promoter of reptile conventions and pet fairs in southern California. Since 1984, Ramy has been a reptile hobbyist and enthusiast who enjoys maintaining and breeding exotic reptiles. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for reptiles that has allowed him to thrive within the industry. He hosts reptile shows each year in San Diego and Los Angeles which are a mecca for all reptile hobbyists and herpetologists and brings together hundreds of vendors and thousands of enthusiasts alike.

Loren Leigh

Loren Leigh is the founder and owner of LLLReptile & Supply Company, Inc.  LLLReptile touts 4 retail stores spread throughout the southern California area.  Additionally, LLLReptile has 2 fully integrated shipping and distribution warehouses, as well as its newest addition, a state of the art reptile and amphibian breeding facility.

Now in its 17th year of business, LLLReptile has found a solid foothold in the reptile industry.  With Loren at the helm, the company continues to grow and currently employees over 30 dedicated and knowledgeable staff members.  By staying privy to the needs of today’s serious herper, LLLReptile continues to provide ongoing insight into the trends of livestock and supplies.

Loren is an advocate of responsible husbandry of reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic creatures.  In fact, he supports conservation efforts for animals of all types.  The Wildlife Company (sister company of LLLReptile) conducts educational and outreach programs featuring exotic animals of all shapes and sizes at schools, libraries, and private events throughout southern California.

When not engaged in the day–to-day operations of LLLReptile, Loren enjoys both domestic and international travel, during which he always makes time to investigate the local herpetofauna.  He hopes that by providing hobbyists access to the finest reptiles and supplies, he can do his part to ensure the survival of our unique hobby.