EXPIRED: Deadline was August 1

West Virginia residents:

  1. Download the sample comment letter at www.usark.org/library/wv-comment-on-proposed-rule-61-30-1-2/. (Just click the icon and it will download automatically).
  2. Open the file (Microsoft Word).
  3. Simply type in your name (for non-WV residents) or name and address (for WV residents).
  4. Save the file with your information.
  5. Send it as an attachment to these email addresses:  jodeemartin@wvda.usgovernor@wv.gov, whelmick@wvda.us
  6. Write this as the subject line: "Comment on DWA Act: Proposed Rule 61-30"
  7. Write this as your email: "See attachment"
  8. Attach your letter.
  9. Send it!


Article written by USARK