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ACTION ALERT: Utah herp regulations

The Division of Wildlife Resources of the Utah Department of Natural Resources has issued proposed changes to the State’s wildlife regulations regarding reptiles and amphibians (herps). While we do not believe the problems created with the proposal are intentional, the Division should edit their amendments to avoid the many unintended consequences. The deadline to comment […]

ACTION ALERT: Ban in Natchez, Mississippi

ACTION ALERT: Ban in Natchez, Mississippi

All local animal owners need to review the proposal and contact city officials as this proposal affects all animals. Natchez, Mississippi has proposed a blanket ban on all “exotic” animals and also common livestock. There are also new permits and regulations for dogs and cats. The exotic animal ban will include every species except “dogs, […]

ACTION ALERT: Pennsylvania Animal Program Ban SB928

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 928 is like many of the “Traveling Animal Act” bans we have seen proposed this year, but it manages to go even further. This bill is more than a ban on travel with animals which would include educational outreach programs. It bans any “exhibitor” from having live animals in traveling exhibitions, but […]

L.A. Exotic Animal Act Ordinance August 2019

UPDATE 10/3/19: The next hearing of the Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee will be October 16 @ 2:00 PM. Please try to attend and voice opposition! Details below. DATE: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 @ 2:00 PM LOCATION:¬† Los Angeles City Hall Room 1060 200 North Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 Los Angeles posted (8/23/19) […]


Branson, Missouri is discussing amendments to its animal ordinance. Changes include a sweeping ban on “exotic” animals (vague language which could be enforced upon anything not considered domesticated) and a pet limit for dogs and cats of four total animals. Pet owners in Branson should contact their officials immediately before this bad proposal proceeds. Remember […]