2014 Blog


Constrictor Rule Comment Reopens Request an Extension for Comment Now Deadline is July 24: Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is taking additional comments regarding listing five species of snakes (Boa constrictor, Reticulated python, DeSchauensee’s anaconda, Green anaconda and Beni anaconda) as injurious under the Lacey Act. These species were originally proposed in 2010. If listed, FWS would ban interstate transportation/commerce and […]

Lawsuit Update 6.13.14

Lawsuit Update On Wednesday, June 11, USARK filed its opposition to a motion by FWS to dismiss its lawsuit. USARK has challenged the Service’s listing of the Burmese python, Indian python, Northern African python, Southern African Python and Yellow anaconda as “injurious” under the Lacey Act. For many reasons, including the bad science used to justify the listing that was […]

Federal/State Updates, Events and More

Lawsuit Update In case you missed the last update, USFWS has renewed its motion to dismiss in response to the amended complaint filed by USARK, as expected. FWS has again challenged USARK’s National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) standing by demanding more substantiation than the law requires. They have also proposed that the statute of limitations has expired. This statute is […]


Lawsuit Update USARK has filed our amended complaint for injunctive and declaratory relief. You can view the file at www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/First-Amended-Complaint.pdf. We will have additional updates as they become available. Pro-Herp Radio Show Brandon Fowler from Roaming Reptiles will be on the Inga Barks radio show this Monday (May 12) at 4:00 PM/PST. He will have his educational animals on […]


ALERT: Illinois SB 902 SB 902 is a pro-herp bill that has the support of Illinois herpers. This bill was tabled at the May 6 hearing and has been rescheduled for May 13. The “Herptile-Herps Act” would move herps into their own area of the code and would take precedence over other Illinois laws and enforcement regarding herps. […]