NARBC Tinley Park Recap

NARBC Tinley Park was an amazing event. Bob Ashley and Brian Potter have made this show a must attend event and the aisles were packed with attendees and top shelf vendors. The herp community came together for a benefit auction raising over $41,000. During a special portion of the auction, the herp community stepped up to help Rico after an update from Aaron Florian of Over $8,000 was raised for Rico Walder from Signal Herp and his battle against brain cancer. Rico Fund auction contributors included The Gourmet Rodent, Timberline Live Pet Foods and many others. Thanks to the generosity of those in attendance, over $1,100 was placed in a charity box for this cause. A small segment of the auction benefited the 2014 International Herpetological Symposium (IHS).

The remaining portion of over $32,000 will be split between USARK and PIJAC and our fight against anti-herp legislation. It was great to see the herp community together in a room filled with positive energy, even through some technical audio issues and three microphone changes. Brian Potter once again kept the auction lively and the crowd amused. Please see a list of auction contributors and show photos below. A huge thank you to everyone who donated and our volunteers. USARK would not be possible without everyone's support. Thank you!

USARK Recognition of Herp Community Support

The Madison Area Herp Society (MAHS) has been a shining example of taking an active role to support the herp community and protect our right to keep herps as pets. Below is a photo of a huge stack of letters signed by NARBC attendees to fight Cat Ex and the addition of five constrictor snake species as injurious. The Cat Ex letters were added to several hundred others from previous events and sent overnight to USFWS. Thank you, MAHS!
"This box contains the voices of hundreds of people willing to take a few moments to make their voices heard. Leaving behind the drama and personal grievances to band together for the common good of the community of herpetocultural enthusiasts. To do their part to ensure the safety of our hobby's future for ourselves and future generations. What have you done today? Have you been heard? Go to and do your part to be heard. Be part of the solution, not the problem!!" - MAHS
USARK/PIJAC Auction Contributors

$2000 +: Exotics by Nature, Timberline Live Pet Foods, Marc Bailey Reptiles, The Gourmet Rodent

$1,000 +: Naked Lizards Inc., The Rep Room, BHB Reptiles, Burke Reptiles, Gateway City Exotics, Rodent Pro, Zoo Med, Southwest Wisconsin Reptiles, American Rodent Supply

$500+: Jeff Ronne (The Boaphile), Living Canvas Exotics, Doug Barr, Renick Reptiles, Eco Wear, Suffolk Selects, Conley Herps, Dynasty Reptiles, Fred and Christy Talbert, The Reptile Report, John Chausmer Reptiles, Reptiles by Mack, Vertical Reptiles, Pangea Reptile, Goss Reptiles, Perfect Predators, Exo Terra, Boa Basement, Jeff Wilson Reptiles, Bob Futo Reptiles, Bailey & Bailey Reptiles, Luxurious Leopards, DZB Reptiles

$250 +: Mystical Constrictors, Leggo My Geckos, Dead Art Studios, East Coast Serpents, Andrea Kamp Reptiles, CKC Pythons, Chuck DeVerger, Reptile Emporium and Acrylic Displays, Twin City Reptiles, St. Louis Reptile, Flat Foot Reptiles, Legacy Reptiles, Royal Constrictor Designs, Badass Beardies, R.M. Reptiles, Davinci Boa, Brad Boa Reptiles, Travis Kubes Pythons,, International Herpetological Symposium (IHS), The Reptile Report, E³ Exotics, Eye Candy Constrictors, Gex Wear, Boa Addicts (Thomas Cobb), Rainforest Junkies

$100 +: Twisted Genetics, Herpers The Movie, Shaw Reptiles, Rick Wilson, TetraFauna, Tropic Exotics Herps, Creepy Exotics, Slipstream Serpents, Exotics Furr U, Sisco Ball Pythons, Sunland Breeders, Matthews Reptiles, Bethany Shunk-Gesstner, Leapin' Leachies, Sticky Tongue Farms, Reptile Tree and Perch Company, Morelia in Wonderland, Fountain City Reptiles, Jeff Hartwig Reptiles, Chicago Reptile House, Zerkle Reptiles, Lake Forest Reptiles, Robinette Reptiles, Bloodbros., Rich Crowley, JMG Reptiles, Hall of Fame Reptiles, Adam Chesla Reptiles, Nimmer's Herps, Gorgeous Rhacs, Vital Exotics, Urban Jungles Radio, Roussis Reptiles

Other Donations: Chicago Herp Society, Herp Nation Media, Mignight Dragonz, Josh Baity, Chris Feeders, Black Hawk Exotics, Chris Sibley, Brian Sharp Reptiles, Exotic Arc, Shawnee Reptiles, Linda's Gone Buggy, Psst Handmade Jewelry, Top Hat Cricket Farm, Justine Dillenbeck Illustrations, Kalamazoo Reptile & Exotic Animal Show, Bearded and Veiled Reptiles, Inc., Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue, Zilla, Ewe-Nique Products, Big Sexy Geckos, Happy Toy Depot, Pin-Up Reptiles, Boa Master, Texas Lizard Connection, SaSobek Reptiles, Theresa Moran

Thank you all for your support! Please let us know if we missed anyone.

Auction Sponsors: Zoo Med, Gourmet Rodent, Timberline, Reptiles by Mack, Reptiles Magazine,, Constrictors Unlimited & Marc Bailey Reptiles

Volunteers: Kimberly Elizabeth, Katy Bugler, Paul Gessner, Chad Gaines, Sheri Ashley, Donnie, Nicholas, Brandi, Andrea, Josh Jones from PIJAC, Nikaya Chausmer, Rob Cook and Abby Malvestuto

Upcoming Events and Volunteers Needed

Tracy Reptile Expo: Tracy, CA on November 2-3: Details at USARK needs a couple volunteers to cover our booth at this show. Please respond to this email or send an email to if you can help.

The Reptile Super Show: San Diego, CA on November 2-3, 2013: Details at USARK could use volunteers for a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday. Please respond to this email or send an email to

Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group (TTPG) Conference: The conference is November 14 and 15 in Mesa, AZ, and will feature talks on husbandry, medical care, incubation, enclosure design, care and breeding of turtles and tortoises. Registration is $120 for non-members and $80 for members. All registrants will receive: copy of THE COMPLETE BOX TURTLE, gift bags from Zoo Med, banquet, access to all talks, etc. Details at

Phoenix Reptile Expo: Mesa, AZ on November 16-17 following the TTPG Conference: Details at

Las Vegas Reptile Expo: Las Vegas, NV on October 26-27, 2013: Details at

Christmas Croc Fest: December 7, 2013 at Shawn Heflick's Facility in Florida to raise money for the Jamaican population of Crocodylus acutus. Details coming soon at

Herp News
New Species of Leaf-Tailed Gecko Found in Australia (Saltuarius eximius):

First case of Snake Fungal Disease verified in South Carolina:

NARBC Tinley Park October 2013 Show Photos

From left: Kevin McCurley from New England Reptile Distributors (NERD), Brian Potter and Bob Ashley at the USARK/PIJAC auction (and Ton Jones from Auction Hunters in the foreground)
photo by Toni Childers

The next generation of hobbyists
photo by Jennifer Greene of LLLReptile

George Nichols and his father won a free flight, hotel, complete show VIP package at the NARBC Tinley Park show and more from the LLLReptile & Supply Golden Ticket contest. They had smiles on their faces the entire time and it was obvious they greatly appreciated this amazing prize from LLLReptile. Two great guys! Congrats. Photo by Jennifer Greene of LLLReptile

From Left: USARK's Phil Goss and Thomas Andrew Cobb (Boa Addicts) at the USARK booth
photo by Jeremy Wrede

Article written by USARK