USARK Announcement

Since 2010, the United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) has been working to oppose the listing of constrictor snakes under the Lacey Act and laying the legal groundwork for a possible challenge to any listing. Efforts to date include commissioning Georgetown Economic Services to document an economic impact study of the reptile industry and engaging the services of Kelley Drye as our legal and legislative consultants. Kelley Drye is the leading law firm in Washington D.C. in regards to the very specialized challenges that lay ahead of us, specifically due to their expertise in issues that potentially involve challenging adverse regulatory decisions and defending our rights. This process has involved detailed legal analyses as well as numerous meetings with officials in Washington D.C. where the foundations for placing us in the strongest possible position were laid.

Having notified the USFWS in April of our legal and public policy concerns over both the listed and pending species, we have determined that the time is right to formally challenge the rule.

In order to fully implement our legal strategy, the USARK Board of Directors has announced creation of a legal defense fund and issued a call to members for contributions. Contributions can be made at

This battle will be expensive and we must begin to secure funding immediately. USARK appreciates all donations and additional fundraising efforts. This fight and our continued battle against anti-reptile legislation would not be possible without your support. More details will be provided as they can be made public.

You can also mail checks made out to USARK to:

USARK Reptile Defense Fund
3650 Sacramento Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Click for Reptile Defense Fund!

Click for Reptile Defense Fund!