Reptile Super Show San Diego Recap 7/13

The Reptile Super Show in San Diego was a great event. Ramy Guirguis and the Super Show crew did an amazing job. The show was filled with quality vendors, herps, supplies, inverts and excited attendees. USARK received a huge amount of support, which was apparent by the dozens of attendees and vendors wearing their USARK shirts. Our volunteers could not have been better in the booth and during the auction. They also sold $2,450 in 50/50 raffle tickets. Cynthia Armstrong Chaplin won the raffle and donated a large portion back to USARK. Thanks and congratulations, Cynthia!

We would also like to send a huge thank you to Myke and Rebecca Clarkson and everyone who was part of the Women of American Herpetoculture (WOAH) project, especially the wonderful women from within the herp community who volunteered as models. Myke visited our booth at the Super Show and dropped off a $2,500 check from the proceeds. This is amazing! Thank you.

The auction raised over $7,000 for USARK and our fight against anti-reptile legislation. We would like to recognize and thank everyone who donated and attended. Below is a list of auction contributors:

Donations $1,000+: Layne Laboratories
Donations $500+: SoCal Constrictors, Exo Terra, Zoo Med, Reptile Super Show
Donations $200+: Mist King, Gex Wear, Herp Nation Media, South Bay Tropical, Psychotic Exotic, Kammerflage Kreations, Zellwegger Reptiles, Exotic Pets, Goss Reptiles, House of Retics, Dart Frog Connection, Livingston Lizard Lounge
Donations $100+: SanTan Reptiles, Reptile Mogul, Sunland Breeders, Reptile Basics, Gumby's Reptiles, Jamie's Tarantulas, Michael Dee, Bodacious Boas, Sandfire Dragon Ranch, Hardy Reptile, Saltwater Reptiles, Happy Herps, Delta Dragon, Randy Wright Reptiles, Ecco Gecko, Bob Applegate, Spidey's Reptiles, Boaffliction, Geckos Etc.
Additional Donations by: Reptile Reaction, Desert Moon Reptiles, James MacDonald, Reptile Reptropolis,, Lonnie Cornell, Deer Fern Farms, Steve's Reptiles, Living Gems, Greathouse Farm, DM Exotics, J. Mugleston's, DIY Cages, Nature's Expressions, Creative Pet Supply, Slippery Pete, Sticky Tongue Farms, Jeff Luman Reptiles, FL Chams, Millipedes N' More, Guy Co Gecko, Stephen Webb, Southern California Herpetological Association and Rescue, Praying Mantis for Sale, World Serpent, Petsmart, Amazing Blue Reptiles, Bassetts Cricket Ranch, Jeff Greene, Tiki Tiki Reptiles

Volunteers: Erin S., Katy, Erin K. Samantha, Hannah, Lupe, Cynthia, Diana (Siren Fish & Reptiles), Erik, Ashton, Mark and Isaiah

Please let us know if we missed anyone and USARK appreciates your support! Our fight is not possible without our volunteers and supporters.

Below is a photo of our booth at the show. The top herp news is below the photo.

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Article written by USARK