NRBE Daytona Beach 2013

Wow! USARK received an amazing amount of support, renewing members and new members at the NRBE in Daytona Beach last weekend. We extend huge thanks to Colette Adams, Lou Menella and Curt for making the benefit auction possible. USARK President Phil Goss served as auctioneer and the event was a huge success, raising over $32,000 for USARK, PIJAC and FLRAA. Thank you to everyone who donated and made the auction possible. It was another great year at NRBE thanks to Wayne Hill.

We saw new support from CaribSea and Blue Iguana who donated over $1,100 as they understand how crucial USARK is to the herp community. USARK also received a nice donation from Perfect Predators with sales from their Boa Constrictor trading card sets.

Below is a list of our great auction contributors

Donations $1000+:, Exotics by Nature (Sean Bradley), Herp Nation Media, Reptile Industries (, Marc Bailey Reptiles, Exo Terra, Shawn Heflick Reptiles, Perfect Predators, Burke Reptiles, Gary Bagnall (Zoo Med), Constrictors Unlimited, Zoo Med, Reptile Kingdom

Donations $500+: Southwest Wisconsin Reptiles, Timberline, Dynasty Reptiles, WHS Reptiles, Tetra, Breeder's Circle, Cutting Edge Herps, Loxahatchee Herp Hatchery, Marty's Morphs, C Serpents, Ballroom Pythons South, Ben Siegel Reptiles, The Animal Company, CF Snakes, Ben Cole Reptiles, Gulf Coast Reptiles, Kathryn Tosney

Donations $200+:, Ton Jones (Auction Hunters), RepTillis Herps, Ohio Gecko, Snakes at Sunset, Wayne Hill, Reptile Emporium Acrylic Displays, Paul Vander Schouw, Robinette Reptiles, Vic Morgan, Balanced Scale Reptiles, CaribSea, Mike Besock, DZB Reptiles, Cheryl Bott, Brian Leibow, East Bay Vivarium, Theresa Moran, Travis Whisler Reptiles, Suffolk Selects, Herp Life, All About Beardeds, Morton Wright Reptiles,, Goss Reptiles, Madusa's Morphs, Laney Simmons, SSnakes, Safari Pets, Bearded Dragon Central, Josh Robertson, South Mountain Reptiles, LLL Reptile, Mist King, Reptiles Express

Donations $100+:, Leapin' Leachies, Family Reptiles, Gina Gauvin, Josh's Frogs,, TSK Supply, Craig Trumbower, Matt Jablonski Reptiles, Incredible Pets, Joe Rollo Reptiles, Stephen Kinder, Russell Pearl, John Kemnitzer, Davinci Boa, Chimera Reptiles, Hulker's Herps, Lou Menella, Dale Porcher, PC Reptiles, Norman Benoit, JurassiPet, Reptile Basics, Dragon Backbone, John Heidecker

Additional Donations by: Sunshine Serpents, Graphite Snake Hook, George Vesper, Armstrong Crickets, CM Exotics, L & N Reptiles, Tom Keogan Reptiles, Samurai Reptiles, Sandfire Dragon Ranch, Suncoast Reptiles, Penn-Plax, Glynn Tate, Mike Rekowski, Exotic Pet Wholesale, Stephen Castellanos, Mice Direct, FLRAA, James Tintle, Ben Greishaw, Sun Pet,, Jones 'N 4 Reptiles, Dr. O's Tie Dyed Chameleons, Ken Robertson, Elizabeth's Handmade, Philip Averbuck, Hot Box Incubators, Reco Imports, Colette Adams, Chuck Latham Assoc., Dan Pearson, Thunder Bay Herps, Rodents On The Road, Woody Vinzant, The Rep Room, Mike Bell, Crazy Fools Reptiles, Critter Encounters, Rene Robert Reivera, Salt Creek Reptiles, T.J. Hilliard, City of Daytona Beach, Suncoast Herp, Lee Abbott, Graziani Reptiles, Big Fat Geckos, Orianne Society, Zen Orchids, Preacher's Pythons, Ron Tremper, Undergeound Reptiles, A & E Cage Company, Russell Lawson, Squamata Concepts, Bill Murray, Rick Trein, Petsmart, Bob Volkers, Rob Gutierrez, Tokay X, Henry Theiss, Jerry Loll, Tremendous Tricolors, Peace River 

Volunteers: Colette Adams, Lou Menella, Curt, Kim Bell (Reptile Industries), Marc Cantos (Turtle Source), Nick Cassin (, Keith Morris, Justin, Josh P., Eric, Erin, Gary, Mike Canning (PIJAC), Josh (PIJAC), Laney, Jim, Clayton, Pete, Sonny, Joey, Lauren C. and Michelle W. Our volunteers were amazing and our success at NRBE could not have happened without them. Thank you!
NARBC Arlington Auction Donations from August 10th

Donations $1000+: Bob Clark Reptiles, Exotics By Nature, Timberline, Constrictors Unlimited, John Mack, RodentPro, Eco WearDonations $100+: Reptile Emporium, Russ Gurley, Goss Reptiles, Pro Exotics, Tell Hicks, Zoo Med, LLL Reptile, Josh's Frogs, Bailey and Bailey ReptilesThis is a partial list from the NARBC Arlington auction. Please let us know if you donated and you will be included in a later email. Thank you to everyone who donated. Special thanks to Chad and Nanette Gaines and Sheri Ashley for their help at the NARBC auction!

Upcoming Shows

USARK could use volunteers for the below shows. Please respond to this email if you would like to help. Volunteers get perks including show passes, USARK shirts and more.

NARBC Anaheim, CA (Sept. 21-22): Details at www.NARBC.comSacramento Reptile Show (Sept. 28-29): Details at
Upcoming Events

Midwest Herpetological Symposium in East Peoria, IL (August 30-Sept 3): Details at

Action Alerts

There are 2 Alerts that need your attention. Protect and support your herp community, your rights and your friends. Keep your voices loud, keep sharing and get more emails and letters sent.The first alert addresses the USFWS proposal to list any species as injurious without full due process (i.e. no scientific support, no research, no economic impact study, etc.). Interstate commerce, interstate transport and importation are all illegal for any species listed as injurious. This categorical exclusion affects a huge portion of the pet community as any species could be listed (ALL reptiles from Leopard geckos to Reticulated pythons, amphibians, fish, birds, mammals and invertebrates). Any species listed would vanish from the pet community. Deadline for comment has been extended.

Categorical Exclusion (Cat-X): second alert concerns a push by anti-pet groups to add 5 species of snakes (including all boa constrictors, reticulated pythons and 3 species of anaconda) as injurious, which would make interstate commerce, interstate transportation and importation all illegal. Anti-pet groups want no pets. Big snakes are just their first target and they will continue to chip away species. Support the entire herp community, as well as the pet community, and stop them now! Share these alerts with all pet owners.

Constricting snakes as injurious:

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USARK © Photo

Paroedura masobe is an endangered gecko that is endemic to Madagascar. This species is threatened by the conversion of low elevation humid forest into farmland and the extraction of timber and other biological resources.

Article written by USARK