Cat Ex Alert, NARBC Anaheim Recap, Sacramento Reptile Show

The NARBC crew held another great show in Anaheim, CA. Bob Ashley and Brian Potter hosted a Saturday night auction that raised over $14,000 for USARK and PIJAC. The auction was sponsored by Sponsored by Zoo Med, Gourmet Rodent, Timberline, Reptiles by Mack, Reptiles Magazine,, Constrictors Unlimited & Marc Bailey Reptiles. Thank you, NARBC!

Our Great Auction Contributors
Donations $1000+: J D Constriction, Timberline, Desert Moon Reptiles, Constrictors Unlimited, Major League Reptiles, Roders Reptiles

Donations $500+: Heather's Herps, Zoo Med, Jay Sommers, Jim's Western Hognose, Exo Terra, NoCo Reptiles, Psychotic Exotics, The Reptile Report, Greathouse Farm, Exotic Pets Las Vegas

Donations $200+: Kammerflage Creations, Eco Wear, Herp Nation, Pyro Morphs, Neodesha Plastics, Mist King, Renick Reptiles, Aquariums R' Us, SanTan Reptiles, Wes Hartman Photography, Boafliction, South Bay Tropicals, Southern California Herp Association, Bob Applegate, Layne Labs

Donations $100+: Select Captive Bred, Double "D" Reptiles, Reptile Rescue, GuyCo Gecko, World Serpent, Reptiles Magazine, Sunland Breeders, Goss Reptiles, Jenny Lee, Reptile Mogul, DM Exotics, Josh Trout, Prehistoric Pets,, Reptile Rescue Orange County

Additional Donations by: Millipedes N' More, DIY Cages, Dan Grubb, Serpent City, RNT Reptiles, Black Pearl, ROG Reptiles, Reptiles by Man, Freedom Breeder, Reptile Odyssey, Amazing Blue Reptiles, Living Gems, Sticky Tongue Farms, Mike Dee Books, Castle's Reptiles, El Segundo, Biological Jewels

Volunteers: Erin Sloan, Katy Bugler, Lupe, Isaiah, SCHAR crew, Justuce, Carlos, Ashton, Erin K., Rainer, Mike Fluharty, Bill, Sheri Ashley, Tina, Rebecca Clarkson and Kelly Wilbanks. Thank you!

Please let us know if we missed anyone. Thank you to everyone that donated and attended the auction. Your support makes our fight possible.

Sacramento Reptile Show

USARK will be attending the Sacramento Reptile Show this weekend. We will have new shirts, women's tank tops, kid's activity center and more at our booth. Show details are available at Please respond to this email if you would like to volunteer. Volunteers receive perks. Thank you to Jeremy Epstein for his support.

September 28: 10:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Auction: 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Cash Bar and free Snacks
Held on Speaker Stage at Venue
FREE and open to everyone

September 29: 10:00 - 4:00 p.m.

CatEx Action Alert

Deadline October 15, 2013

The deadline was extended to October 15, 2013. Now is the time to send your letters and more emails. Thousands of voices from the Reptile Nation have already spoken but now we need a second wave. There are 4 simple steps at the Action Alert below. Do them, share the alert and support your herp community.

CatEx Action Alert:

View additional CatEx updates at

NRAAC Legal Conference

The National Reptile & Amphibian Advisory Council (NRAAC) presents the second annual Reptile and Amphibian Law Symposium & Workshop in Washington, D.C., November 8-10, 2013 at George Washington University. Since this is a free event limited to the first 200 people, NRAAC needs funding from generous benefactors. The event is also seeking 4-8 local volunteers to assist with speakers' needs, registration desk, etc. Volunteers can request information via
Get all the details at
Contest Announcements

Enter the iHerp Calendar Photo Contest 2014:

Quick rules:
1. No cell phone pics.
2. Enter quality, well-composed photos (only 11 are chosen).
3. Minimum resolution is 1650 x 1276 pixels.
4. No watermarks or ID markers in image. Photographers will be given credit outside of the photo.
5. Only 1 entry per person.
6. Deadline is 9/30/2013.
7. Reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates welcome.
8. "Prizes will include fame, glory, and some other third thing."
9. Share with anyone you know that may be interested.
10.View the full details at

Art Contest! You could have your artwork featured as the cover of a new book and have a family member featured in a future book. The details are below. Contact Roaming Reptiles with any additional questions. Please share this with anyone who may be interested Good luck!

"Do you love to draw? Do you have a hidden talent and need some place to show it? Here’s your chance, Roaming Reptiles and John F Taylor of 'Reptile Apartment Group' are publishing a comic book and a children's book series dedicated to educating our youth regarding reptiles. For our first comic we want you to design the cover of "The Incredible Adventures Of Snikt & Snap Super Lizards." The comic book is a prelude to the upcoming book series “The Adventures of Roaming Reptiles”. This story will be told in a comic book format and will follow two of the cast of Roaming Reptiles on their journey to be super heroes. The cast members are two European Legless Lizards that go by the names Snikt and Snap. Snikt is intrigued by the comics that Brandon’s son reads to the lizards and decides that he and Snap should be superhero lizards. Snikt plans to educate the public about the value that reptiles have both in captivity and in the wild. Send all drawings to The end date for submissions will be October 17th, 2013. October 18th we will post all the photos on our FB page for everyone to vote. The winner will get his/her entry as the cover of the comic along with a son/daughter/relative (scaly or not) as the main character in one of our books, "The Adventures Of Roaming Reptiles.”" - Roaming Reptiles

Other News

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