ACTION ALERT: Cambridge, Mass.

DEADLINE: Sept. 15 at 3:00 PM

There are two Action Alerts. The one on this page takes only a couple minutes and is the best option. We also have the quick Action Alert at Please share and do both alerts.

SUMMARY: This proposed ordinance to amend Title 6 of the Cambridge, MA Municipal Code would ban the sale of all birds, mammals and reptiles. Only animals sourced from certified rescues would be available. It also creates new sourcing, recordkeeping and signage requirements.

This means if you ever wanted a pet leopard gecko, parakeet, guinea pig, puppy or kitten, you could not get one unless there was one in a qualifying rescue, or a pet shop had one from a rescue in its retail space. This means you may NEVER be able to get the pet that is right for you.

The definition of “pet shop” (see below) is extremely vague and could even be enforced upon any small home breeder or hobbyist. The ordinance could also certainly ban reptile shows, as in many places, reptile shows fall under the business code definition of “flea market.”

Never judge a book by its cover, meaning, never trust only what the proposal’s title or government summary leads one to believe. Even if a government official or bill author states, “that’s not my intent,” it matters not. What matters is how the enforcement agency or field agent decides to administer the law, not the elected official who lacks enforcement authority. Even if not imposed a certain way today, it could be enforced differently a year or two years from now.

If this passes, every citizen loses his or her freedom to make a responsible decision when choosing a pet. Speak up and do not allow Cambridge to take away the choice to make responsible decisions for its citizens, which could then spread to directly affect you. Once these examples of bad government and overreach are allowed to establish, they can spread quickly, no matter how corrupt and absurd they may be.

Send emails and make phone calls now asking city council members to vote NO on amending Title 6 and the proposed sales ban. Also, attend the hearing on Sept. 15 (details below). And share this!

Pet shop: every place or premise where birds, mammals or reptiles are kept for the purpose of sale at either wholesale or retail, import, export, barter, exchange or gift.

LINK to proposed ordinance:

Hearing: Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 3:00 PM

Sullivan Chamber

795 Massachusetts Ave.

Cambridge, MA 02139


Email list (copy/paste all, or send individually):,,,,,,,,,,


Sample Letter

SUBJECT: NO to Title 6 pet sale ban!


Cambridge City Council Members,

As a responsible pet owner and tax-paying citizen, I ask you to vote no to the proposed amendments to Title 6 which would ban the sale of pets. It is not the role of the government to tell me that I, as a responsible and caring pet owner, do not have the freedom to choose my pet. Nor should any government official be so blind as to see that this proposal creates more problems than the one it claims to address. Attempting to find homes for animals currently in rescues is commendable, but this proposed sales ban is not the solution for doing so, nor is it constitutional in nature.

This is a blatant example of collective punishment and claims that all people are incompetent to make their own choices regarding what animals they bring into their lives. Collective punishment, nor bans, are ever the solution regarding pet ownership. Hopefully the council members will realize this proposal is wrong, both for animals and for responsible citizens. Thank you for your time and have a good day.


[your name]


E. Denise Simmons (Mayor): 617 349-4321

Marc C. McGovern (Vice Mayor): 617 349-4280

Dennis J. Carlone: 617 349-4280

Leland Cheung: 617 349-4280

Jan Devereux: 617 349-4280

Craig A. Kelley: 617 349-4280

David P. Maher: 617 349-4280

Nadeem A. Mazen: 617 349-4280

Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.: 617 349-4280

Article written by USARK