West Fargo Herpers Fight Legislation

Herpers work with city officials to lift overreaching restrictions on snakes in West Fargo, North Dakota. Below is an update from the Fargo Herpetological Society. Nicely done FHS!:

"Summer of 2012 a citizen had a Burmese python in a public park in West Fargo, ND. At this time, the fact that all constrictor snakes are banned in West Fargo was brought to the public attention. The citizen went to the city council and was shot down by a 3-1 vote. The next city meeting, the Fargo Herpetological Society organized with some help from the National Herpetological Congress and presented it's case in a calm and professional manner. The council members took quite a while discussing it. In the end, they decided to table it while they reviewed the other metro cities rulings. After many discussions about some larger species, they have finally announced they are allowing constrictor snakes with a restricted list including larger species that will only be allowed upon a permit based system. It has been a lot of work and participation with the city but the new law finally is coming out and this is a positive win for the hobby." - Devin Jay Hoffie