USFWS Overtime Resolved and NARBC Recap

USFWS has lifted the restriction of overtime operations: "Effective immediately, the Service wildlife inspection offices will be authorized to perform overtime inspections when personnel are available to do so." Thank you to everyone who supported the herp community by participating in efforts to reverse this action. This was a team effort. Special thanks to Marshall Meyers, PIJAC and everyone who utilized the USARK Action Alert campaign.

USARK attended NARBC Tinley Park March 16-17. The show saw excellent attendance with long lines waiting for entry both days. USARK thanks Brian Potter, Bob Ashley and the NARBC crew for their continued support and the Saturday night auction raised $17,645 for USARK and PIJAC. A huge thank you to everyone who donated and attended the auction.

The Saturday night auction proved once again that the herp community is comprised of amazing people. NARBC collected $10,200 for Rico Walder and his battle against brain cancer. Amazing generosity was displayed by Timberline, Marc Bailey Reptiles, Ozzy Boids and others by bidding well over retail prices on items. Items were donated by,, Living Art Publications, Rodent Pro, PM Herp/BARRS, Timberline, Goss Reptiles and others. Several cash donations were added to the pot including contributions from Marc Bailey and a group of Australian herpers who see the importance of supporting the entire, global herp community. Not enough can be said about the strength and support of the herp community. USARK wishes Rico well.

A donation from Reptiles by Mack also raised $500 for OAAO (Ohio Association of Animal Owners) thanks to a strong bid from Shay Hamper.

Robyn Markland, with and The Reptile Report, discussed an exciting new program to benefit USARK before the auction. USARK greatly appreciates this effort from Robyn Markland and Chad Brown. More information can be found here:

We would like to recognize and thank everyone who donated and attended. USARK would not be possible without your support. Below is a list of auction contributors:

Donations $3,000+: Marc Bailey Reptiles, Timberline, Rodent Pro

Donations $1,000-$2,000: Conley Herps, Brad Boa Reptiles, LLL Reptile, Reptiles by Mack, Zoo Med

Donations $500-$1,000:,, Exo-Terra

Donations $200-$500: The Turtle Source, BHB Reptile, Gex Wear, Ozzy Boids, Reptile Emporium, Boa Barn, Bob Futo, Creepy Exotics, Eco Wear, Exotics Furr U, JD Constrictors, JMG Reptile, Magnum Geckos, Primp Reptilia, Pruit/Wilson, Psychotic Exotics, Goss Reptiles, Rainforest Junkies, RE Acrylics, RM Reptiles, Samurai Japan Reptiles, BARRS Caging

Additional Donations by: All Ohio Reptile Show, Vital Exotics, Aritonnic Innovative Caging, Boa Cabana, Carolina Designer Dragons, Chicago Reptile House, Cold Blooded Novelties, Double K Reptiles, Dry March on Snakes, Gorgeous Racks, Herp Nation, Herpers the Movie, Jon Boone, Josh's Frogs, JurassiPet, Living Art Publications, Neodesha Plastics, Pangea Reptile, Pin Up Reptiles, Platinum Reptiles, ReptiLite, Ritters Critters, RJS Reptiles, Top Hat Crickets, PM Herp

Volunteers and special thanks: Chad and Nanette Gaines (Reptile Emporium), Russ Gurley, Kristin, Sheri Ashley, John and Ellen Chausmer, Paul Gessner

Please let us know if we missed anyone and USARK appreciates your support!

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