USARK visits D.C. in 2013


USARK President, Phil Goss, and select members of USARK’s legal team at Kelley Drye are working hard in Washington D.C. on legal strategy.

USARK President, Phil Goss, visited Washington D.C. last week (week of Feb. 10th). Goss had several meetings on Capitol Hill. These appointments included conferences with Harry F. Burroughs (Staff Director on Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs), Todd Willens (Congressional Chief of Staff) and other leaders in Washington. Not only did Goss address Capitol Hill, he also collaborated with Kelley Drye and Warren LLP, USARK’s Washington-based legal experts, to finalize USARK’s legal strategy. Kelley Drye’s Animal Law group has decades of experience defending clients who face opposition from animal rights activist groups, federal and state government agencies, the media and other parties. Kelley Drye is the foremost authority regarding reptile and animal law and the most influential lobbying firm concerning reptile legislation.

USARK is diligently working to fight legislation and is protecting every corner of the reptile community. Everyone will see many new aspects to USARK including stronger dedication to the herp community, resolute commitment to fight relevant legislation, proper appreciation to supporters and better communication with our members. You’ll like the new USARK. Thanks for your support!

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