USARK receives PIJAC Membership and NARBC Recap

USARK has established an open line of communication with PIJAC in 2013. The PIJAC Board of Directors voted unanimously to provide USARK an honorary membership. USARK looks forward to a working relationship with PIJAC, who has been protecting the pet industry over 40 years. USARK was founded specifically to protect the rights of everyone from the largest breeder to the owner of a single pet herp. USARK is committed to protect the rights of every corner of the hobby including keepers of geckos, crocodilians, large snakes, venomous reptiles, frogs, tarantulas and every herp and invertebrate in between. This is and has been the position of USARK, without debate, from the beginning.

USARK continues to watch legislation at the state level including bills in NY, CT, WV and CA. Please use our Action Alert email templates on the USARK Campaigns page to show early objection to these bills. Many members of the Reptile Nation have reported receiving responses from committee members as a result of using the USARK Action Alerts. Please share the USARK Campaigns page (LINK HERE). Thanks for supporting the herp community!

USARK’s President, Phil Goss, attended NARBC Arlington and welcomed supporters at the USARK booth February 23-24. The show saw record Texas attendance and vendors reported very good sales. USARK thanks Bob Ashley, Brian Potter and the NARBC crew for their continued support and the Saturday night auction raised $12,090 for USARK and PIJAC.

NARBC also collected $2,730 for Rico Walder and his battle against brain cancer. Extremely generous bids were made by Timberline, Marc Bailey Reptiles, Reptiles by Mack and others on items donated by Eco Wear, Living Art Publications, Ton Jones and Goss Reptiles. USARK wishes Rico well during his fight.

We would like to recognize and thank everyone who donated and attended. Below is a list of auction contributors:

Donations $3,000+: Marc Bailey Reptiles, Timberline, Zoo Med

Donations $2,000+: Reptiles by Mack, Bob Clark, Constrictors Unlimited

Donations $1,000-$2,000: Bailey & Bailey Reptiles, Eco Wear & Publishing

Donations $500-$1,000: Royer Reptiles, NoCo Reptiles, Exo Terra, Roussis Reptiles, Renick Reptiles,

Donations $200-$500: Gorgeous Geckos, Python in a Pear Tree, Art in Scales, BHB Reptile, Living Art Publications, Craig Trumbower

Additional Donations by: Alpha Geckos, Matthews Reptiles, Goss Reptiles, Snake Days, South Mountain Reptiles, Select Captive Bred, Gorgeous Fantasy Inverts, MK Herps, Shores Enuff Snakes, Herpers: The Movie, Greater DFW Bromeliad Society, Down Under Dragons, Texas Reptile Expos, Nightglow Reptiles, Harrell House, Courtney Clark, Austin Reptile Service, Living Art of the World, Texas Reptile Exchange, Danny Johnson, Royal Flush Exotics, Reptile Emporium,  S & S Exotics, Reptile Petz Direct, Urban Albino

Volunteers: Matt Parks (Pangea Reptiles), Chad Gaines (Reptile Emporium), Russ Gurley, Kelly Wilbanks, Tina, Jason, Savannah, Gillian and Dan

USARK booth at NARBC Arlington

Please let us know if we missed anyone and USARK appreciates your support!