Thomas Cobb: Utah City Ordinance

Thomas Cobb found that a city ordinance may limit him to only one pet boa constrictor, though he has 29 that receive the highest standard of care. This was unacceptable to Thomas and he was able to obtain permits for all 29 boas. Thomas has done a remarkable job representing the herp community while protecting his lifelong passion. He has remained professional and level-headed while carrying huge stress for his family and himself. Not enough can be said about his dedication to symbolize herp keepers in a positive light. Read his letter below and remember to always be civil and professional when addressing legislators and our opposition. Thanks again, Thomas, and everyone who has supported him. You can read one of the articles HERE.

Thomas Cobb personal letter:

Thanks to everyone who had an impact on my particular situation, but also for your efforts to become the best herpers possible. Huge thanks goes to USARK for their efforts (past, present and future). I am proud to be a member and know that they heard the war cry and were the first and only organization to take action without request. I have been fortunate enough to have been assisted continually by USARK and personally, Phil Goss. If there was ever a cause you loved more, and a more deserving nonprofit organization to donate to... it would be them. They are our voice, they are our reasoning and they are our outlet to success in situations like mine.

Remember that albeit this seems like a victory for herpers, this is the tip of the iceberg of legislation sweeping the country. Become involved...Become the best keeper possible... Educate when given the opportunity... Be proud of your love for these creatures, as misunderstood as they are... Remember that a person is defined when the times are tough, not when they are on top.

I couldn't have had the strength without all of your support. I will never be able to show enough gratitude to this hobby and everyone I am blessed to call friends and herpers. Past, present and future... We must stand together in the face of tyranny and regulation. In the face of fear and ignorance... and be that bigger man/woman. Now is the time to get work done, as the hard part is just beginning.


Thomas Cobb