Press Releases

Natural Resources Committee Press Release 5/29/13

***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Committee to Hold Endangered Species Act Hearing Focused on defining species conservation success WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House Natural Resources Committee will hold a Full Committee oversight hearing entitled “Defining Species Conservation Success: Tribal, State and Local Stewardship vs. Federal Courtroom Battles and Sue-and-Settle Practices” on Tuesday, June 4th. The hearing, the first […]

April 2013 Recap

California AB 339 (the “swap meet” bill) has been amended to exclude reptile and aquatic trade shows. The bill has been amended in Assembly, read a second time and re-referred to Committee on Appropriations. Thanks to your voices through USARK’s action alerts and collaboration between PIJAC and USARK, reptile and aquatic shows will now be […]

South Carolina: H 3985 “Dangerous Wild Animals Act”

ACTION ALERT WHERE: South Carolina State WHAT: H 3985, “Dangerous Wild Animals Act,” seeks to ban possession of many species of reptiles, amphibians and mammals including boa constrictors, reticulated pythons, Burmese pythons and crocodilians. Under this legislation, “it shall be unlawful for any person to import, possess, sell, transfer, or breed a dangerous wild animal.” The entire list […]

USARK Meets with Department of the Interior and USFWS

On Friday, April 12, USARK President Phil Goss and USARK’s Washington legal counsel from Kelley Drye met with senior staff at the Department of the Interior and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to press the case for withdrawal of the remaining rule and reversal of the current rule designating several snake species as injurious under […]


United States Association of Reptile Keepers Demands that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Withdraw Listings Proposals Calls Listing of Four Constricting Snakes and Proposal to List Boas  and Four Other Species “Arbitrary and Capricious” USARK has contacted USFWS chief Dan Ashe to ask the Service to withdraw the listing of Burmese python and three other […]