Loren Leigh

Loren Leigh is the founder and owner of LLLReptile & Supply Company, Inc.  LLLReptile touts 4 retail stores spread throughout the southern California area.  Additionally, LLLReptile has 2 fully integrated shipping and distribution warehouses, as well as its newest addition, a state of the art reptile and amphibian breeding facility.

Now in its 17th year of business, LLLReptile has found a solid foothold in the reptile industry.  With Loren at the helm, the company continues to grow and currently employees over 30 dedicated and knowledgeable staff members.  By staying privy to the needs of today’s serious herper, LLLReptile continues to provide ongoing insight into the trends of livestock and supplies.

Loren is an advocate of responsible husbandry of reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic creatures.  In fact, he supports conservation efforts for animals of all types.  The Wildlife Company (sister company of LLLReptile) conducts educational and outreach programs featuring exotic animals of all shapes and sizes at schools, libraries, and private events throughout southern California.

When not engaged in the day–to-day operations of LLLReptile, Loren enjoys both domestic and international travel, during which he always makes time to investigate the local herpetofauna.  He hopes that by providing hobbyists access to the finest reptiles and supplies, he can do his part to ensure the survival of our unique hobby.

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