Jeff Ronne

Jeff Ronne Sr. is the owner of Boaphile Enterprises and part of this business is dedicated to the captive propagation of Boa Constrictors. He literally wrote the book on breeding Boas and has unlocked the secrets of captive reproduction of this (previously) infrequently bred species. In 1996, Reptiles Magazine published Jeff’s article, “Revelations of a Boa Breeder,” rewriting many misconceptions of Boa Constrictor reproduction. Nearly every detail and nuance we now know about Boa Constrictor reproduction was first introduced (in print) in one of several articles authored by Jeff.

Boaphile Plastics Inc. (another segment of Boaphile Enterprises) has provided state-of-the-art reptile enclosures to hobbyists, institutions and other reptile keepers for over 12 years and has focused the advancement of such on efficient husbandry, as well as form and function. Jeff’s experience as a herpetoculturist and master craftsman make him uniquely qualified to design and produce these enclosures which have helped captive reptiles thrive.

Boa constrictors were the most popular species kept by hobbyist before the onset of the Federal threat (a.k.a “notice of inquiry”), which was the impetus for the founding of USARK, and Jeff has been involved with USARK since its inception. Jeff is especially interested in the preservation of the right to keep and/or breed all reptiles for individuals and has successfully bred boa constrictors every year since 1986.

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