L.A. Exotic Animal Act Ordinance August 2019

There are two links above:
1. the ordinance language (2019 LA Exotic Animal Act Ord);
2. the report from the city attorney (Report for 2019 LA Exotic Animal Act Ord).

Los Angeles has just posted (8/23/19) a proposed ordinance to regulate the exhibition of “dangerous animals” and “wild and exotic animals.” Essentially, the vague definitions provided for those terms will make this permit applicable to all programs using any species not widely accepted as domesticated.

For off-site programs (i.e. at a school or library) you must:
1. apply for a permit at least 10 days prior;

2. your program must qualify as a “Conservation or Educational Presentation”;

3. you must pay $425 for each program (according to the current draft as off-site permits are only good for one event);

4. according to the definitions, you would need this permit to take a corn snake to a school, a bearded dragon to a library, or even a tree frog to a Scout troop for a program.

This is an overreaching permit system similar to the Traveling Exotic Animal Program Bans we are seeing proposed (and sometimes passing) across the country and even at the federal level.