Constrictor Rule: Fall 2014 Agenda Announcement

Fall 2014 Unified Agenda update regarding the Constrictor Rule:

An announcement was again posted in the Fall Regulatory Agenda (posted below and viewable at [NOTE: The listed date of final action may or may not be accurate. It is a proposed date. While the Agenda suggests a decision may come in December, a final rule has not yet been submitted to OMB for review. Given that, it is very unlikely a rule could issue next month.]

Very similar language has been posted several times since the four species were listed in January of 2012. It means that FWS plans to finalize the rule, but that may or may not happen. If the rule is finalized, we may see no additional species added, some added, or all five added. FWS could have listed any of the five additional species at any time but they have not. This is most likely due to pressure from USARK and the lawsuit.

This is serious but it is the same threat we’ve had since 2012 when the original four were listed. FWS has been posting language similar to below for over two years and they have not taken action. USARK will keep you updated.