Alert: Arkansas Wildlife Regulation Review 2018

Click above link “Arkansas Wildlife Review 2018” for PDF of the announcement.

Meeting: June 21, 2018

Subject: Temporary suspension of import permits and review/amending of wildlife regulations

Summary: The Director and staff are recommending that the Commission temporarily suspend issuing any Wildlife Importation Permits (except for accredited members of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association) and/or Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permits for wildlife species that are venomous or
poisonous until further notice.

Note that this is three separate issues:

1. Suspension of Wildlife Importation for Venomous or Poisonous Wildlife Species;
2. Suspension of Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permits for Venomous or Poisonous Wildlife Species;
3. A review and rewriting of the current “captive wildlife” laws in Arkansas (which may go beyond venomous and poisonous species).

“Commission captive wildlife regulations apply to all species of wildlife including exotic animals not native to Arkansas. A Wildlife Importation Permit is required to bring all species of wildlife into the state. A Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permit is required to breed or sell wild animals, including exotic species. The only species exempt from these requirements are Buffalo, Emu, Llama, Muscovy duck, European domestic ferret, Hamster, Guinea pig, Ringneck dove, Gerbils, common white mice and common white rats, and Wolf/Dog hybrids.”- via

We will provide more details soon.

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