2017: Waynesboro, PA exotic animal ban and pet limit

SUMMARY: This proposal amends the zoning ordinance of Waynesboro, PA. Among other things, the proposal bans the possession of more than four (4) animals in any combination of species, except fish, in any household. There is also a blanket ban on “exotic animals” with a vague definition which specifically includes “pythons.” Click PDF link for proposal language. Note that all of Section 62, even the red text which is only new from the last draft to this final draft, is a new proposal.

· Section 62 (Keeping of animals) to provide that customary household pets shall be permitted in any district. The keeping of domestic farm animals including a horse, pig, goat, chicken, cow, steer, sheep, buffalo, ostrich, or llama shall not be considered a permitted accessory use. The keeping of exotic animals is not permitted in any district.

· For purposes of this section:

o “Customary household pet” means an animal which is customarily kept for personal use and enjoyment within the home, including domestic dogs, domestic cats, domestic tropical birds, domestic rodents such as hamsters and gerbils, domestic tropical fish, turtles and guinea pigs. Exotic animals such as coyotes, bears, raccoons, venomous and restricting snakes, primates, alligators and crocodiles are not considered household pets.

o “Exotic animal” means an animal usually thought of as wild and foreign, not typically kept as a household pet, such as a lion, tiger, leopard, python, alligator, piranha or venomous snake.

Hearing on April 19 at 6:40 PM
second floor Council Chambers
55 East Main Street
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania