2017 TX HB2274 and SB1879

Companion bills HB2274 and SB1879 would ban “dangerous wild animals” (defined below) in Texas. There are a few exemptions as well as a grandfather clause for those possessing the animals prior to September 1, 2017. Briefly, these bills would ban most future private ownership, but will be supported by many groups due to the USDA exemptions.

Note that this bill language will replace the current DWA law in Texas. There will no longer be County “animal registration agencies” and “certificates of registration” (permits) for these species which are currently found in subchapter E of Title 10 Chapter 822. The current Subchapter E will be replaced with this bill language. Per the bill: “On January 1, 2018, Subchapter E, Chapter 822, Health and Safety Code, is repealed.”

The bills include an exemption for USDA licenses (Class A, B and C), which is not under the current DWA law.

“Dangerous wild animal” means:

(A) a baboon;
(B) a bear;
(C) a cheetah;
(D) a chimpanzee;
(E) a clouded leopard;
(F) a cougar;
(G) a gorilla;
(H) a jaguar;
(I) a leopard;
(J) a lion;
(K) an orangutan;
(L) a snow leopard;
(M) a tiger; or
(N) any hybrid or subspecies of an animal listed in this subdivision.