I Am USARK! Rob Carmichael


Rob with an albino cobra

Rob Carmichael is a man with a lot of love for reptiles and a passion for educating the public about them. He is a lifelong hobbyist which led to his current career that includes curating a living natural history museum. He also keeps a number of herps at home. Rob is actively involved in herp conservation and current research including the following species: Western fox snake, Eastern massasauga and timber rattlesnakes in Illinois, Eastern garter snake and the Blanding’s turtle.

Rob founded and currently oversees one of the Midwest’s largest venomous reptile collections at the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forrest, Illinois. In addition to the venomous reptiles, he and his staff of volunteers and interns also care for crocodilians, lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, birds of prey and a bobcat. Both the man and the facility are dedicated to conservation education, field research, lecturing, a variety of field-based study programs and much more.

Rob says that it’s hard to pick a favorite reptile, but he has a special relationship with “Thai”, a king cobra, that he raised from a hatchling and is now over 12 feet long. You can learn more about Rob and his work by going to www.WildlifeDiscoveryCenter.org.

Because of his dedication to reptiles, education, and conservation, Rob Carmichael IS USARK!

Thanks, Rob!

Article written by USARK