Historical Action Alerts and Notifications

11/16/17: Phoenix Reptile Expo has arrived! Read it HERE.

10/28/17: ACTION ALERT: Nevada. Read it HERE.

Ben Renick Memorial

10/21/17: Happy Reptile Awareness Day! Read it HERE.

10/5/17: NARBC Tinley! Are you ready? Read it HERE.

9/28/17: Sac Reptile Show and Legislative Alerts (VA and NC: local): Read it HERE.

9/20/17: NARBC Arlington to Benefit Hurrican Harvey Relief: Read it HERE.

9/16/17: Member Alert: Herp Imports: Read it HERE.

8/22/17: NRBE recap: Read it HERE.

8/17/17: NRBE is back for year 28: Read it HERE.

8/10/17: Reptile Super Show Pomona: Read it HERE.

7/6/17: Reptile Super Show San Diego: Read it HERE.

6/2/17: ACTION ALERT HR2603: Support the Save our Endangered Species Act bill: Read it HERE.

5/28/17: Lawsuit Update, Responsible Herpetoculture, Shipping and More: Read it HERE.

5/21/17: Lawsuit Update: Read it HERE.

4/30/17: ACTION ALERT: Massachusetts animal program ban! Read it HERE.

4/10/17: Lawsuit Update: U.S. Court of Appeals says "We agree with ARK." Read it HERE.

4/7/17: Lawsuit update! U.S. Court of Appeals says USARK got it right! Read it HERE.

3/12/17: ACTION ALERTS in VA, MA and more. Read it HERE.

1/5/17: ACTION ALERTS and Reptile Super Show. Read it HERE.

12/30/16: ACTION ALERT: Washoe County, NV: Click HERE.

12/30/16: ACTION ALERT: Washoe County and newsletter: Click HERE.

11/23/16: ATTENTION wildlife importers/exporters: another FWS FoIA lawsuit (this time CBD): Details HERE.

11/1/16: ATTENTION wildlife importers/exporters: FWS FoIA lawsuit: Details HERE.

10/18/16: NARBC Tinley Recap and the Georgia Reptile Experience: Read it HERE.

10/13/16: NARBC Tinley! 'Nuff said: Read it HERE.

9/29/16: NARBC and Sacramento Recaps: Read it HERE.

9/20/16: NARBC and Sacramento: Read it HERE.

9/13/16: ACTION ALERT: Cambridge, Mass. and newsletter: Read it HERE.

9/1/16: ACTION ALERT: Cambridge, Mass: Read it HERE.

8.26.16: Maine and Florida updates, plus NRBE recap, HCI Auctions, and more. Read it HERE.

8.24.16: Maine and Florida updates: Read it HERE.

8.17.16: Daytona NRBE hits number 27: Read it HERE.

8.16.16: Reptile Super Show Pomona Recap: Read it HERE.

8.11.16: Reptile Super Show Pomona and more: Read it HERE.

7.27.16: ALERT: Federal invasive species bill: Read it HERE.

7.20.16: Florida Venomous Regulations and more: Read it HERE.

7.13.16: Reptile Super Show recap and more. Read it HERE.

7.8.16: San Diego Reptile Super Show and more: Read it HERE.

ACTION ALERT: Washoe County, Nevada: Deadline to comment June 27. Click HERE!

ACTION ALERT MAINE: Click HERE. Deadline to comment June 17!

6.14.16: Maine Action Alert and more: Read it HERE.


4.23.16: ACTION ALERT: Colorado: Read it HERE

5.12.16: USARK Salamander/Bsal article, CITES, Colorado Alert and more: Read it HERE.

5.7.16: Colorado Action Alert and Find-A-Vet from ARAV: Read it HERE.

4.3.16: Lawsuit Update: Read it HERE.

3.29.16: Lawsuit update and ACTION ALERT for Maine: Read it HERE.


3.23.16: NARBC Tinley Park Recap: Read it HERE.

3.16.16: NARBC Tinley Park and Injurious Species Legalities: Read it HERE.

ACTION ALERT: Oregon State: Click HERE.

EXPIRED: ACTION ALERT: Salamander Injurious Listing: Click HERE.

3.7.16: Injurious Species Legalities and Salamander ACTION ALERT. Read it HERE.

2.20.16: Salamander Injurious Listing and Survey: Read it HERE.

1.30.16: RAACA Recap, IHS Jr. Herper Contest and more: Read it HERE.

1.16.16: Reptile Super Show Recap, RAACA Returns, ESA Listings and more: Read it HERE.

1.13.15: Salamander Injurious Listing: Read it HERE.

1.12.15: Lawsuit Update and Salamander Injurious Listing: Read it HERE.

12.2.15: Lawsuit Update: Initial Appellate Brief Filed: Read it HERE.

11.21.15: Salamander Bsal Updates and more: Read it HERE.

11.12.15: Phoenix Reptile Expo and ACTION ALERT: Clark County, NV: Read it HERE.

10.20.15: Lawsuit Update (new briefing schedule): Read it HERE.


11.12.15: Phoenix Reptile Expo and ACTION ALERT: Clark County, NV: Read it HERE.

10.30.15: Cat Ex Update: View it HERE.

10.20.15: Lawsuit Update (new briefing schedule): Read it HERE.

10.16.15: NARBC Tinley Park Recap: Read it HERE.

10.7.15: NARBC Tinley Park is here: Read it HERE.

10.6.15: Black Pinesnake Listed Under ESA: Read it HERE.

10.3.15: Sacramento Show Recap and More: Read it HERE.

ALERT: Wisconsin DWA bill hearing: Read it HERE.

9.23.15: Sac Reptile Show, Lawsuit Update, CITES, ESA and More: Read it HERE.

9.20.15: CITES, ESA, Upcoming Symposiums and more: Read it HERE.

9.17.15: NARBC Anaheim Recap: Read it HERE.

9.9.15: NARBC Anaheim and a Special Auction!: Read it HERE.

9.4.15: NARBC Arlington Recap and more: Read it HERE.

8.27.15: NARBC Arlington, Lawsuit Update, ALERTS and more!: Read it HERE.

8.26.15: Daytona Recap and ALERTS: Wisconsin and Clark County, NV: Read it HERE.

8.18.15: Daytona NRBE's 26th Anniversary and Clark County, NV Animal Code: Read it HERE.

8.12.15: Reptile Super show recaps and more: Read it HERE.

8.6.15: Reptile Super Show Pomona is here! Daytona, TTPG, Midwest Herp Symp., and more, too! Read it HERE.

7.17.15: Lawsuit Update: View it HERE.

7.16.15: Happy World Snake Day and Reptile Super Show SD: View it HERE.

7.13.15: Niles, Ohio: View it HERE.

7.6.15: Lawsuit Update and 31 Proposed ESA Listings: View it HERE.

6.26.15: HR 2920: Amendment to Lacey Act: View it HERE.

6.16.15: Salamander Data Needed, Bsal and Clark County Nevada: View it HERE.

6.15.15: Updates/Alerts: Lawsuit, Nevada and South Carolina: View it HERE.

6.9.15: Egyptian Tortoises and Washoe County ALERT: View it HERE.

6.8.15: Washoe County, Nevada ALERT: View it HERE.

6.1.15: Salamanders, Constrictor Injunction and Egyptian Tortoises: View it HERE.

5.19.15: Lawsuit Update: Preliminary injunction ruling: View it HERE.

5.19.15: Lawsuit Update: Recap of 5.18.15 Hearing: View it HERE.

5.16.15: Lawsuit Update and Wisconsin Local Ordinance ALERT: View it HERE.

5.15.15: Lawsuit Update, FAQ, Timeline and more. Important newsletter! Read it HERE.

5.12.15: Lawsuit Update: Court Rules in Favor of the Reptile Nation! Read it HERE.

5.5.15: The Constrictor Rule Newsletter: Read it HERE.

4.29.15: Lawsuit Update: Read it HERE.


4.23.15: Maine Action Alert and Where is Your Vet?: Read it HERE.

4.21.15: Lawsuit Update and RAACA Anytime Auctions: Read it HERE.

4.9.15: Lawsuit update and North Carolina DWA bill: Read it HERE.


4.3.15: Lawsuit Update: Read it HERE.

4.1.15: Lawsuit Update: Read it HERE.

3.23.15: Lawsuit Update: Read it HERE.

3.18.15: NARBC Tinley recap and 230+ RAACA Auctions: Read it HERE.

3.17.15: Win in West Virginia: Read it HERE.

3.12.15: Lawsuit Update, NARBC, RAACA, Black Pine snakes and more: Read it HERE.

3.6.15: Constrictor Rule Finalized: Read it HERE.

West Virginia: ACT NOW HERE.

Clark County/Las Vegas, Nevada

2.11.15: NARBC Recap, OKC Elite, NY Bill and more: Read it HERE.

2.5.15: NARBC Arlington, FREE Trips to IHS, SnakeDays Grant and more: Read it HERE.

2.4.15: USARK in D.C. and Many State Issues/Updates: Read it HERE.

1.20.15: ACTION ALERTS: WV and TX; Indiana Bill and more: Read it HERE.

1.13.14: Reptile Super Show Recap, TTPG/USARK: Read it HERE.

1.8.15: Reptile Super Show, Salamander Chytrid, TTPG/USARK team up, and more: Read it HERE

12.19.14: The Reptile Nation Wins in Florida, FWC Workshops and Terrapins: Read it HERE.

12.12.14: Arizona and Wisconsin Updates: Read it HERE.

12.11.12: Proposed Salamander Temporary Import Ban: Read it HERE.

12.6.14: UPDATE: Dunedin, Florida and Federal Lawsuit. Read it HERE.

12.5.14: UPDATE: Black Pine snakes. Read it Here.

12.2.14: Action Alert Dunedin, Florida. Read it HERE.

12.1.14: Action Alert Wisconsin: Read it HERE.

11.20.14: TTPG and Phoenix Expo Recaps: Read it HERE.

11.19.14: USARK Hammers Away in West Virginia! Read it HERE.

11.13.14: Is West Virginia Government Incompetent, Corrupt, or Both? Read it HERE.

11.6.14: USARK Report (VIDEO), Goss Teaches Vet Students and More: Read it HERE.

11.2.14: Black Pine Snakes ESA and Freshwater Turtles CITES III: Read it HERE.

11.1.14: WV Update and USARK Keynote Speaker at Vet Conference: Read it HERE.

10.24.14: Black Pine Snakes, FWC Workshops & Iguana Conservation. Read it HERE.

PRESS RELEASE: WV DWA Board Violates Due Process! Read it HERE.

10.7.14: FL Regs., Black Pine Snakes and more. Read it HERE.

ACTION ALERT: Arizona Proposed Rule Changes

10.1.14: NARBC Arlington and Sacramento Recaps. Read it HERE.

9.10.14: Pyxis Tortoise Update, NARBC Anaheim/White Plains Recaps and more. Read it HERE.

9.4.14: USARK Show Announcements: Read it HERE.

9.3.14: Animal Rights and American Bar Association Committee DWA Resolution: Read it HERE.

9.2.14: USARK's Mission and Commitment to the Reptile Nation: Read it HERE.

8.24.14: Daytona NRBE Recap and more: Read it HERE.

8.23.14: Reptile Super Show Pomona and Reptile Bowl-A-Rama recaps and more: Read it HERE.

8.13.14: Pyxis Tortoise Action Alert, Daytona NRBE, and more: Read it HERE.

8.4.14: Lawsuit and WV Updates, Reptile Super Show, Daytona and more: Read it HERE.

ALERT: West Virginia Dagerous Wild Animals Act: Deadline August 1: Take Action HERE.

7.27.14: USARK Newsletter: Read it HERE.

ALERT: Constrictor Rule-Deadline July 24: Take action HERE.

7.2.14: HSUS Publicly Lies About Snakes: View the post HERE.

6.30.14: Constrictor Rule Information Request: View the post HERE.

6.26.14: ACTION NEEDED: Constrictor Rule Update: View the post HERE.

6.24.14: Lawsuit and Constrictor Rule Updates: View the post HERE.

6.23.14: Constrictor Rule Update: View the post HERE.

6.13.14: Latest Lawsuit News, State updates, Events and more: View the post HERE

6.6.14: Lawsuit/State Updates and Loads More: View the post HERE.

5.10.14: Lawsuit Update: View the post HERE.

5.8.14: Alerts in Illinois and more: View the post HERE.

4.27.14: Lawsuit Update, Illinois Bill, Salmonella and more: View the post HERE.

4.23.14: An investigation of salmonella infections linked to Bearded dragons has been announced by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). We will provide additional information as it becomes available and we are engaged with this issue. More information HERE.

3.19.14: Lawsuit Update: View the post HERE.

3.18.14: NARBC Recap: View the post HERE.

3/12/14: D.C. Law Symposium and NARBC Tinley Park: View the post HERE.

3/10/14: Lawsuit Update and more: View the post HERE.

3/4/14: West Virginia ACTION ALERT and UPDATE with more ALERTS: View the post HERE.

3/2/14: Louisiana ACTION ALERT & SC, WV, WI Alerts: View the post HERE.

3/1/14: ACTION ALERTS for WV, LA, SC, WI and more: View the post HERE.

2/25/14: Lawsuite Update, WV Action Alert and more: View the post HERE.

2/23/14: NRAAC Law Symposium, Lawsuit Updates and Action Alerts: View the post HERE.

2/18/14: NARBC Recap and Action Alerts: View the post HERE.

2/14/14: Cat Ex, ACTION ALERTS and Legislative Updates: View the post HERE.

ACTION ALERTS and Legislative Updates (2/10/14): View the post HERE.

Legislative Alerts and Updates: Local, State and Federal: View the post from 1/28/14 HERE.

Tarantula and Exotic Pet Keepers: Comments needed to USFWS with 2/3/14 deadline. View the post HERE.

Cat Ex Alert and Update from 1/23/14. View the post HERE.

WV, NY and WA Legislative Alerts from 1/20/14. View the post HERE.

USARK Blog from 1/9/14. View the post HERE.

USARK Updates and Acknowledgements from 12/31/13. View the post HERE.

USARK Takes Action: The United States Association of Reptile Keepers filed suit in the U.S. Federal Court against the U.S. Department of the Interior, challenging the Lacey Act listing of four species of constrictor snakes as “injurious.” This is a powerful day for the Reptile Nation, as we fight to protect your rights to pursue your passion and defend your businesses against unwarranted and unnecessary government intrusion. View the full post from 12/19/13 HERE

USARK Reptile Defense FundClick HERE

USARK Important AnnouncementRead the full blog post from 12/10/13 HERE

TTPG Conference and Phoenix Reptile Expo Recap: Read the full blog post from 11/20/13 HERE

2 Amazing Stories, 3 Incredible Supporters and More: Read the full post from 11/6/13 HERE

Show Updates and Herp News: Read the full post from 10/30/13 HERE

NARBC Tinley Park Recap, Events and Herp News: Read the full post from 10/16/13 HERE

NARBC Tinley Park October, Herp News and more: Read the full post from 10/9/13 HERE

Sacramento Recap, NRAAC Update and moreRead our latest updates from 10/2/13 HERE

CatEx update and USARK in D.C.USARK President Phil Goss traveled to Washington, D.C. last week. In addition to meetings, strengthening relationships with our allies and tireless networking, USARK sat as one of five witnesses for a hearing concerning the USFWS categorical exclusion proposal. Three of the five witnesses testified against the proposal: USARK, PIJAC and AZA. Read more HERE

NARBC Anaheim Recap and more: The NARBC crew held another great show in Anaheim, CA. Bob Ashley and Brian Potter hosted a Saturday night auction that raised over $14,000 for USARK and PIJAC. View auction contributor appreciation and more HERE

Updates: Cat-X Hearing and NARBC Anaheim: USARK will be in Washington, D.C. this week spreading awareness of the damages that would result if this categorical exclusion proposal is accepted... Read more HERE

Press Release: Lawmakers this week will debate the merits of a proposal to bypass environmental reviews when listing a species as "injurious" under the Lacey Act -- a move that has rankled zoos and pet shops because it would make it easier for the Fish and Wildlife Service to ban the importation of some exotic animals... View more HERE

Blog: Recap of NRBE Daytona Beach with thank yous concerning auction donations and volunteers. Much more can be found HERE.

Blog: Recap of NARBC Arlington and Reptile Super show Pomona with recognition of auction donations and voluteers. View the post HERE. 

UPDATES: Cat-X, Injurious Snake Listing, D.C. and more

Summer has been a busy time for USARK! In July, USARK President Phil Goss, accompanied by our legal team at Kelley Drye, spent two full days in Washington, D.C. opposing the categorical exclusion (Cat-X) for Lacey Act listings by the Department of the Interior and United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)... View the complete post HERE

ACTION ALERTS: There are two issues demanding immediate action. The first alert addresses a USFWS proposal to list any species as injurious without full due process afforded under the law (i.e. no scientific support, no research, no economic impact study, etc.). This categorical exclusion affects a huge portion of the pet community (reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, mammals). Any species listed will vanish from the pet community. The second alert concerns a push by anti-pet groups to add 5 species of snakes (including all boa constrictors and reticulated pythons) as injurious, which would make interstate commerce, interstate transportation and importation all illegal. Anti-pet groups want no pets. Big snakes are just their first target. Support the entire herp community and stop them now! Share these alerts with all pet owners. All information can be found at the links below. The time to act is now, Reptile Nation! Action Alert 1: http://usark.org/action-alert/usfws-categorical-exclusion-2/ Action Alert 2: http://usark.org/press-releases/action-alert-no-to-adding-species-as-injurious/ There will be an extension to the comment period concerning the categorical exclusion proposal. New deadline will be September 30th or shortly thereafter. More details will be given soon. Keep sharing both Action Alerts and making your voices heard!

PRESS RELEASE and ACTION ALERTS: Earlier this week, USARK President Phil Goss traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with House and Senate Congressional offices to express our opposition to the latest attempt by the USFWS to change the rules in support of their misguided efforts to list the remaining five constrictor snake species as injurious under the Lacey Act. Read more HERE

FDA Amends Regulations to Remove Requirement to Destroy Viable Turtle Eggs and Live Turtles: FDA believes it can achieve its public health objectives without the need to destroy viable turtle eggs and live turtles. Other alternatives to destruction exist, including: raising turtles until they have a carapace length of four inches or greater; donating them to a scientific, educational, or exhibitional organization, or exporting the turtles in compliance with applicable laws. Read more HERE

Hearing Notice: The Committee on Natural Resources will hold an oversight hearing on Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 10:00 a.m., in room 1324 Longworth House Office Building entitled, “Transparency and Sound Science Gone Extinct?: The Impacts of the Obama Administration's Closed-Door Settlements on Endangered Species and People.”

ACTION ALERT: Anti-pet groups are pushing to have the 5 remaining species of snakes (Boa constrictor, Reticulated python, DeSchauensee’s anaconda, Green anaconda and Beni anaconda) listed as injurious under the Lacey Act – in essence banning all importation and interstate commerce. The time to fight for your rights is now. A letter (at bottom of the page) is circulating from Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan asking the Secretary of the Interior to complete the rule and list the five remaining snake species. Take less than 5 minutes and complete the Action Alert below to contact your federal Representative and then share it with as many people as possible. This is just another step toward eliminating your freedoms and those of the entire reptile community. Remember to be professional and civil at all times. Act now! Go HERE

ACTION ALERT: In response to the USFWS proposal to allow a “Categorical Exclusion” from NEPA requirements. This rule would allow USFWS to add species as injurious without full due process afforded under the law. View the full Action Alert HERE

Chairman Doc Hastings (Committee on Natural Resources): "These destructive patterns that cost jobs, block public input, and disregard transparency must come to an end. The Department must get back on track to being a job-creator for the good of our country and economy..." Read the press release HERE

Americans Should NOT Be Forced under Lacey Act to Follow Foreign Laws in America: Today, the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs held an oversight hearing on “Why should Americans have to comply with the laws of foreign nations?” The hearing examined the Lacey Act and how the law has been amended to force Americans to comply with tens of thousands of foreign statutes, regulations, resolutions, and decrees... View full press release HERE

The Reptile Super Show in San Diego was a great event. Ramy Guirguis and the Super Show crew did an amazing job. The show was filled with quality vendors, herps, supplies, inverts and excited attendees. USARK received a huge amount of support, which was apparent by the dozens of attendees and vendors wearing their USARK shirts. Our volunteers could not have been better in the booth and during the auction. Read more HERE

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 9, 2013 - The House Natural Resources Committee will hold an oversight hearing on Wednesday, July 17th entitled, “The Department of the Interior Operations, Management, and Rulemakings.”  Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will be the sole witness testifying at this hearing.  This will be Secretary Jewell’s first appearance before the Committee... View more details at http://usark.org/press-releases/house-natural-resources-oversight-hearing/

Fish and Wildlife Service seeks blatant exemption from National Environmental Policy Act requirements (Confirms USARK’s Challenge to Rule): The Obama Administration has repeatedly made a bias of compliance with the environmental impact review requirements when it serves their purposes (for example, see the Keystone pipeline issue which has conveniently been under NEPA review for years). Just two months after USARK raised questions with regard to the FWS failure to respond to environmental impact criticisms by the industry, researchers, state and federal wildlife officials, and zoos and aquariums when listing the four species of injurious snakes, FWS proposes a blanket NEPA exemption for itself under the Lacey Act. There is no justification for exempting a Lacey Act listing that – as with snakes – has adverse environmental consequences. The FWS is clearly concerned that their listing is on shaky legal ground and they are looking for ways around federal law. The reptile community must oppose this proposal! Our legal arguments challenging the Lacey Act listings are strong and clearly have the agency on the defensive. USARK will be posting talking points in the coming days so that you can join us to defeat this blatant abuse of agency power. You can view the pertinent information from the Federal Register at http://usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/NEPAaction.pdf. View this posting HERE

Press Release: The Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) welcomes the Executive Order on Combating Wildlife Trafficking issued by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, on 1 July 2013. The Executive Order addresses both its domestic and international response to the current surge in wildlife trafficking. Read the full release HERE View the Executive Order HERE

Read the latest USARK email and updates HERE.

Herpers work with city officials to lift overreaching restrictions on snakes in West Fargo, North Dakota. Read an update HERE.

Thomas Cobb found that a city ordinance may limit him to only one pet boa constrictor, though he has 29 that receive the highest standard of care. This was unacceptable to Thomas and he was able to obtain permits for all 29 boas. Thomas has done a remarkable job representing the herp community while protecting his lifelong passion. Read more HERE.

Update: Scott Snowden faced new legislation that would have made his pets illegal. A city ordinance was proposed concerning dogs and had language attached that would have banned all constricting snakes. Scott stepped up, addressed the issue and was successful by educating the city officials. Read an update about his success HERE.

Press Release: All Witnesses in Agreement that ESA Needs Improvement - Witnesses who testified before the Committee touted the success of state, local, and tribal conservation efforts and underscored the need for meaningful ESA reform. Read the full release HERE.

Press Release: House Natural Resources Committee to hold Endangered Species Act hearing focused on defining species conservation successes. WHEN: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. WHERE: watch it live via http://www.naturalresources.house.gov/live  Full press release HERE

Legislation has been introduced to solve an interstate transport issue for exporting certain snake species. Under current ruling, if a shipment must stop anywhere in the U.S. after departure, it is considered interstate commerce even though the plane is merely stopping to refuel or add freight before leaving the country. The proposed legislation will allow for export even when the shipment must pass through intermediate airports that are not designated ports. The ruling that listed several snake species as injurious under the Lacey Act has resulted in many headaches for anyone exporting these large constrictor snake species.  Snakes included in this bill: Burmese python, Indian python, Northern and Southern African pythons and Yellow anaconda. View the bill HERE

April 2013 Recap: Read the latest USARK newsletter reviewing all our work in April including another trip to D.C., the California "swap meet" bill and herp community networking. Read the press release HERE.

California AB 339:  The "swap meet" bill has been amended to exclude reptile and aquatic trade shows. The bill has been amended in Assembly, read a second time and re-referred to Committee on Appropriations. Thanks to your voices through USARK's action alerts and collaboration between PIJAC and USARK, reptile and aquatic shows will now be safe. Thanks for your support and action!

South Carolina Action Alert: H 3985 was introduced into the South Carolina House of Representatives on April 18, 2013. This “DANGEROUS WILD ANIMALS ACT” seeks to ban possession of many species of reptiles and mammals including boa constrictors, reticulated pythons, Burmese pythons and crocodilians. Under this legislation, “it shall be unlawful for any person to import, possess, sell, transfer, or breed a dangerous wild animal.” This bill needs to be stopped. View the Action Alert HERE

New bill in South Carolina: “Regulation of Dangerous Wild Animals” H 3985 was introduced and referred to Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs yesterday. Full text can be found at the link. More details coming soon. http://usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/SC3895.pdf

On Friday, April 12, USARK President Phil Goss and USARK's Washington legal counsel from Kelley Drye met with senior staff at the Department of the Interior and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to press the case for withdrawal of the remaining rule and reversal of the current rule designating several snake species as injurious under the Lacey Act. Read more HERE

USARK demands that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service withdraw listing proposals for five species of constrictor snakes and calls listing of four constricting snakes "arbitrary and capricious.” Read more HERE

California AB 339 UpdateThis bill moved from the California Committee on Public Safety and was re-referred to the Committee on Appropriations on April 2. California residents need to act now! Click HERE

Connecticut HB 5832 Update: April 3rd is the JF Deadline (the date by which each committee must report out bills or resolutions for further consideration by other committees or the full General Assembly). The bill will be "dead" tonight.  This bill would have banned boa constrictors and Burmese pythons in Connecticut. Thanks to everyone who used the USARK Action Alert to voice their opinions.

H.R. 996 Action Alert:  The Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2013 ("IFWP") has been introduced. Among other things, the IFWP creates a new system for designating species as "injurious" and banning import, interstate commerce, and transportation of listed taxa. Find more information HERE

Nevada Action Alert: Assembly Bill 246, as written, would ban reptile shows in Nevada by prohibiting the sale of animals at swap meets. Please support your fellow herpers. View the Action Alert here: http://usark.org/campaign/nevada-assembly-bill-246/

Nevada Action Alert: Hearing March 28! Please read the entire alert. Follow this link (CLICK HERE) and send your emails. Be sure to share this with others. It is very important to send your emails and share this webpage with Nevada residents. USARK appreciates your support!

Announcement: USARK and our D.C. legal team are currently analyzing HR 996 (a reintroduction of HR 669: Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act to summarize), corresponding with assigned committees and building an appropriate plan of action. It is prudent to develop our strongest strategy. USARK will keep you updated on noteworthy happenings. View a summary of the bill HERE

ACTION ALERT: Minnesota and Coon Rapids, MN Residents. A proposal to limit the number of domestic animals kept as pets, including herps, to twelve. See the Action Alert HERE

USFWS Overtime Resolved and NARBC Recap

USFWS has lifted the restriction of overtime operations. Special thanks to Marshall Meyers, PIJAC and everyone who utilized the USARK Action Alert campaign. NARBC Tinley Park saw great attendance and raised over $28,000 at the Saturday night auction, including $10,200 for Rico Walder. Read more HERE

ShipYourReptiles.com now offers a convenient donation option to support USARK and PIJAC. USARK greatly appreciates this new program from ShipYourReptiles.com! Read more HERE!

ISSUE RESOLVED: USFWS Suspends Overtime for Wildlife Import/Export Operations

USFWS has announced that effective immediately, it will suspend all inspection and clearance of wildlife imports/exports during overtime hours on weekdays, weekends, or Federal Holidays. This draconian measure is in response to the recent across the board budget cuts implemented by the White House as part of the budgetary sequester. As a result, shipments will be delayed and animals will be put needlessly at risk. See the Action Alert here: http://usark.org/press-releases/action-alert-usfws-suspends-overtime-for-wildlife-importexport-operations/

California Action Alert - ACT NOW

Follow this link (CLICK HERE) and send your emails in 30 seconds. Be sure to share this with others. It is very important to send your emails and share this webpage with California residents. USARK appreciates your support!

via Turtle Survival Alliance: It is with a deep sense of loss that we report the untimely passing of Greg Fleming, DVM of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Greg died in Mozambique, after apparently suffering a stroke that led to cardiac arrest.  The zoo and turtle community are stunned this morning over this tragic news and Greg’s death leaves a hole in our ranks that will be impossible to fill.  Greg had a huge personality, a sarcastic wit, a sharp intellect and was always surrounded by laughter.  Aside from being a good clinician, Greg was an accomplished turtle breeder, managing one of the few successful breeding groups of Sulawesi Forest Turtles in the US.  He was a former member of the TSA Steering Committee and a frequent fixture at TSA conferences.  In fact we were just recently on conference call with Greg and he had planned to join a team of vets at the Turtle Survival Center in early April for the first wave of incoming turtles. Over the years Greg contributed valuable time and resources to the TSA, helping to treat and rehabilitate countless turtles and tortoises that had been placed in our care by USFWS.  Please join us in extending our condolences to Greg’s family in Calgary and the entire Disney team for their loss. Decisions are still being made regarding services, where cards may be sent, and what special cause Greg’s family recommends in lieu of flowers. As soon as the Disney family has more details, they will share them. USARK sends support and condolences to Dr. Fleming's family, friends and colleagues.

This article updates that Blanding’s turtles, spotted turtles and diamondback terrapins have been added by CITES as Appendix II animals. "For species included on this list, international trade is regulated by a system in which permits are issued only when trade has been determined to be non-detrimental to species survival. CITES-listed species are also subject to mandatory reporting requirements." Click HERE for full article.

Click HERE to read an informative article from the Washington Times concerning potential flaws with the current Endangered Species Act process. The article cites flaws with using the "best available research" which may not be adequate or accurate. It also mentions a proposed bill that may ban the use of taxpayer dollars to fund lawsuits, and also give state and county governments the opportunity to block settlements. Read more HERE.

CITES Summit 2013 Update (additions to Appendix II, etc.)

CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) is meeting in Bangkok, Thailand March 3-14, 2013. Several species of reptiles, amphibians and insects are being proposed for addition, exclusion or movement to Appendices I and II. NOTE: Spotted turtle, Blanding’s turtle and Diamondback Terrapins being considered for addition to Appendix II. More details can be found HERE.

Reptile Times Interview with USARK President, Phil Goss

USARK President, Phil Goss, answers a few questions for Reptile Times. Goss discusses USARK's fight for the entire industry, uniting the herp community, the importance of reptile education to the masses, monkey-tailed skinks, boas and more. The full article can be found HERE.

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USARK Receives PIJAC Membership and NARBC Arlington Recap

The PIJAC Board of Directors voted unanimously to provide USARK an honorary membership. Also, NARBC Arlington raised $12,090 for USARK/PIJAC and an additional $2730 for Rico Walder. USARK appreciates continued support from NARBC! The complete press release with a full list of auction contributors and volunteers can be read by clicking HERE

New document made public from HR 511 Hearing

Below is a link to the Georgetown Economic Services response to the questions posed by Rep. Sablon and a rebuttal of the criticisms of the GES report by the witnesses during the hearing on HR 511. The letter and the GES report are part of the public record for the hearing. CLICK HERE to view the document

USARK's new President visits Washington D.C.

USARK President, Phil Goss, visited Washington D.C. last week. Goss had several meetings on Capitol Hill. Not only did Goss address Capitol Hill, he also collaborated with Kelley Drye and Warren LLP, USARK’s Washington-based legal experts, to finalize USARK’s legal strategy. Kelley Drye is the foremost authority regarding reptile and animal law and is the most influential lobbying firm concerning reptile legislation.Click HERE or the photo to the left to see the full story.


World-renowned snake breeder Rico Walder was diagnosed with brain cancer. His close friends and family have set up this fund in order to help ease the financial burden during his time of need. Please help support one of the herp community’s finest members and help him get back on his feet. Any and all donations are appreciated! Thank you! Click HERE or the pic to the left to visit the Rico Relief Effort page. Thank you for you time and consideration.

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