US Senate: 10 Documents

Amendment, Cardin, 2009

Independent Scientists Letter to Senate EPW RE S373, Jacobson & DeNardo et al, 2009


Kill-S373 Sample Letter

Petition Against S373

Petition Against S373 (printable version)

PIJAC Review of USGS Report on 9 Giant Contrictors, Reasor, 2009

S373 CBO Score

S373, Nelson, 2009

Senator Nelson to Senate EPW Committee, 2009

US Chamber of Commerce Opposition to S373

US Dept of Interior Letter Supporting S373, Salazar, 2009

Federal: 7 Documents

Americans Should NOT Be Forced under Lacey Act to Follow Foreign Laws in America

Cat-X meeting update

Categorical Exclusion Letter 7/24/13

Categorical exclusion under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) 7/1/13

H.R. 996 Analysis 2013

HR 2158 Injurious Snake Export Bill (5/2013)

Opening Statement of Chairman Doc Hastings

US House of Representatives: 12 Documents

HR2811 CBO Score

HR2811, Meek, 2009


Independent Scientists Letter to House Judiciary Committee RE HR2811

NO on HR669

Sample Letter HR669

Take Action HR669

Stop HR669 in Subcommitte 4/4/09

USARK Letter To Del. Madeleline Bordallo May 20, 2009


USARK Position on Passage of HR669

USARK Proposed Amendment of HR2811, 2009

USARK Testimoney on HR2811, 2009

USARK Testimony on HR669