Burmese Pythons in South Florida

Burmese Pythons in South Florida: 24 Documents

A Review of: Dorcas et al. 2012. Severe Mammal Declines Coincide with Proliferation of Invasive Burmese Pythons in Everglades National Park. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science


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Claims of Potential Expansion Throughout the US by Invasive Python Species Contradicted by Niche Models, Pyron et al

Climate Data Set Used by Rodda & Reed USGS

Critique of Mischaracterization of Climate Data by Gordon Rodda & Robert Reed, Barker & Barker 2010

Distribution Burmese Pythons, Barker

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On Burmese Pythons/ Executive Summary, Barker & Barker, 2009

Reinterpretation of Climate Data, Barker & Barker 2010

Review of USGS Report on Giant Constrictors, Barker & Barker, 2010



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USDA Snake Trap 8/7/13

USGS Map, Rodda & Reed

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