Burmese Pythons in South Florida: 24 Documents

A Review of: Dorcas et al. 2012. Severe Mammal Declines Coincide with Proliferation of Invasive Burmese Pythons in Everglades National Park. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science


Burmese Python, Climate, Rodda et al

Burmese Pythons S. Fl., U of Fl.

Burmese Pythons; Climate, Rodda & Reed, 2008

Chicago Herp Society, Barker

Claims of Potential Expansion Throughout the US by Invasive Python Species Contradicted by Niche Models, Pyron et al

Climate Data Set Used by Rodda & Reed USGS

Critique of Mischaracterization of Climate Data by Gordon Rodda & Robert Reed, Barker & Barker 2010

Distribution Burmese Pythons, Barker

ENP Cold Python Study, Mazzotti et al, 2010

Florida Invaders, NPS & FWC, 2008

Genetics of Florida Burmese Pythons, Collins, Freeman & Snow

HB 352, Phillips, 2011

On Burmese Pythons in the Everglades, Barker & Barker, 2009

On Burmese Pythons/ Executive Summary, Barker & Barker, 2009

Reinterpretation of Climate Data, Barker & Barker 2010

Review of USGS Report on Giant Constrictors, Barker & Barker, 2010



SREL Cold Study, Dorcas et al. 2010

USDA Python/Cold Study, Avery et al, 2010

USDA Snake Trap 8/7/13

USGS Map, Rodda & Reed

USGS Risk Assessment for 9 Large Constricting Snakes, Rodda & Reed, 2009

Will They Come In Out of the Cold?, Barker & Barker, 2008

Reptile Statistics: 4 Documents

Animal Related Fatalities, Langley & Hunter

Are Animals Occupational Hazards, US BLS

Chicago Herp Society

Chicago Herp Society, McKenzie

NSCodds of dying

Odds of Dying, National Saftey Council

USARK: 9 Documents

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies State of the Union

Model State Legislation, 2010

Summary of USARK S373 CBO Report, 2009

USARK 2009 Financial Statement, Tregembo & Fontes, 2010

USARK 2010 1st Quarter Report, Tregembo & Fontes, 2010

USARK 2010 2nd Quarter Report, Tregembo & Fontes, 2010

USARK 2010 3rd Quarter Report, Tregembo & Fontes, 2010

USARK 2010 Financial Report, Fontes & Tregembo, 2011

USARK 2011 Financial Report, Tregembo & Fontes 2012

Suspicious Incidents: 5 Documents

king cobra

Authorities Skeptical of King Cobra loose in NC

API Cobras

Born Free USA/ API Suspected of Cobra Release in NC

API Cobras NC

Possible Cobra Release by API in NC

Kimg Cobra NC

Suspicious King Cobra in NC

Suspicious Python Release in Tampa, USARK Press Release, 2009

Animal Rights: 6 Documents

API Farming

Born Free USA/ API Livestock Farming

Born Free USA/ API Model Legislation to Ban Reptiles, Nicole Paquette

Defenders of Wildlife, Broken Screens, Jenkins

HSUS State Lobbying Guide

National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species

Letter endorsing Injurious Wildlife Listing for Boa, Python & Eunectes, Jenkins

Politics of AR & Environmental Movement at the State Level, Hansen & Branam

USFWS Rule Change: 11 Documents

Business Case Study OMB, Brant, 2010

Economic OMB Testimony, 2010

Federal Register Notice of Proposed Rule Change, USFWS, 2010

Press Release Proposed Rule Change, USFWS, 2010

Scientific OMB Testimony, DeNardo, 2010

Snake Letter to Obama, HSUS, TNC, DOW et al, 2011

USARK Addendum to Public Comment on Rule Change, Collis, 2010

USARK Comment on USFWS Proposed Rule, Willens, 2010

USARK Information Quality Act Challenge, McDonald et al, 2010

USARK IQA APPEAL, MacDonald, Willens, 2010

USARK Response to USFWS Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis, Collins, & Fenili 2010

USARK Promotional Materials: 2 Documents

Petition Against USFWS Proposed Rule Change 2010

USARK Accomplishments in 2009 2010