Florida Economic Study

USARK has commissioned a comprehensive economic study on the Florida herp industry. This analysis of herpetoculture (keeping of reptiles and amphibians under human care) will serve many crucial purposes for the future of reptile and amphibian pets, herp business, and more. Doing business in Florida and across the country is becoming increasingly difficult for many reasons. USARK is working to protect your future.

Survey link: www.surveymonkey.com/r/MJGKYNV

The survey takes less than 5 minutes. All responses will be kept confidential. Only aggregate values will be used in the final report. Please share with any stakeholders you know! Thank you for your participation.

NOTE: If you are located outside of Florida but do a lot of business in Florida, please send us an email at info@USARK.org to communicate directly with the study authors.

We have the advantage of working with the key person who made our previous economic study a success. Many Florida businesses contributed when USARK did our national study, and all of them have seen the benefits of that collaboration, which helped us quantify the true size of the industry nationwide.

Please understand that this study and the protection it seeks to provide cannot be fruitful without your cooperation.

Important benefits this study will bring:

  1. This study will help protect your future by allowing USARK and Florida businesses to properly illustrate just how much of an economic impact the reptile industry possesses;
  2. Accurate numbers backed by professional studies are crucial to present legitimate debate and regulatory/legislative comments;
  3. Demonstrating our size, which is larger than most believe, and how many people keep herps provides many advantages: gets the attention of legislators and policymakers, debunks the argument from animal rights groups that herp keepers are rare, and help our activities feel more commonplace;
  4. Establishes herpetoculture as a driving force and important segment of our economy;
  5. Nearly all industries routinely conduct economic studies. This is common practice in the business world and doing these studies demonstrates our evolution, growth, and professionalism;
  6. We will continue to be attacked by animal rights groups and others against what we do. This economic study is a critical tool for our defense.

If you have any questions or concerns you may email us at contact@usark.org.