ALERT: Clute, TX

Be civil and professional at all times!

The City of Clute is evaluating a rewrite of their Animal Control Ordinance and soliciting citizen’s input on the new ordinance. This is a ban on all exotic animals and several pet limits.

Two public hearings are scheduled to discuss the drafting of the animal control provisions for the City. Public comments are welcome.

Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 7:00pm; Clute City Hall
Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 7:00pm; Clute City Hall

Exotic Animal: is defined as any animal native to a foreign country or of foreign origin or character, is not native to the United States, or was introduced from abroad. This term specifically includes animals such as, but not limited to, lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, camels, antelope, anteaters, kangaroos, and water buffalo, and species of foreign domestic cattle, such as Ankole, Gayal, and Yak. [NOTE: This is a blanket ban and does not apply only to the animals listed.]

Ban List:

  1. ALL exotic animals, meaning all species non-native to the U.S. and non-domesticated (i.e. other than common dogs, cats, etc.). The examples given are not the only banned species!;
  2. any species listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA);
  3. pigs/swine (detailed exception for "domesticated miniature pot-bellied pig").

Pet Limits:

It shall be illegal to own:

  1. more than 5 dogs and/or cats;
  2. more than 2 ferrets;
  3. more than 6 rabbits;
  4. more than 6 animals defined as livestock in Section 18-1 (see draft ordinance);
  5. more than 6 chickens or fowl (with detailed exception).

Read draft ordinance at


ACTION 1: Comment through the Clute website at

  1. Complete the quick and simple form;
  2. Copy/paste the below message or similar. There is also a longer sample letter lower on this page.

I submit this comment opposing Chapter 18 amendments banning all exotic animals and applying pet limits. As a responsible pet owner, I oppose these proposals which display a complete lack of research and knowledge on the matter. As drafted, the new code will statistically affect over 1/3 of Clute's residents. Please remove the mentioned language from the proposal. This is overreaching and bad government. Have a good day.

ACTION 2: Email the elected officials

1. Copy/paste these email addresses:,,,,,

2. Copy/paste ONE of these subject lines, or similar:

  1. NO to Exotic Ban and Pet Limits
  2. NO to Chapter 18 proposal!
  3. NO to "Animals" proposal
  4. NO to broad exotic animal ban!

3.Copy/paste the below message. It is best to edit slightly:

Dear Clute Elected Officials,

I oppose the proposed Chapter 18 titled "Animals" as a responsible pet owner and tax-paying citizen. The proposal is a blatant example of local government overreach, displaying an utter lack of research or knowledge on the matter.

According to a recent study from the American Pet Products Association (APPA), over 32% of American households have pet species other than dogs and cats, all of which qualify as the proposed definition of "exotic pets" which would be banned. The proposed ban is beyond overreaching and unjust.

This proposed change potentially affects 1/3 or more of Clute's residents. It is not the role of elected officials to tell responsible citizens that they cannot have any of the hundreds of reptile, amphibian, fish, bird and mammal species commonly kept as pets.

There is no validity or justification to this proposal! Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. Have a good day.



ACTION 3: Call your elected officials and/or have meetings with your council member and mayor.

  1. Local residents should call their elected officials (Mayor and Council Representative) to voice opposition.
  2. Take talking points from any of the sample letters/comments we've provided.
  3. Council members phone numbers can be found at
  4. Mayor Shiflet contact information can be found at