ACTION ALERT 2: West Virginia

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What to do: Fight to protect your freedoms.

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Passing of Dangerous Wild Animal Rule will Break the Law

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WV officials have desecrated the legal process in their own state. My rights were violated by West Virginia officials when due process was broken regarding the DWA Act. The LRMRC has also completely ignored numerous affidavits providing evidence of the complete breakdown of the legislative rule-making process. The LRMRC must withdraw this proposed Dangerous Wild Animal Rule until due process is served. This must be brought to the attention of all West Virginians!

West Virginia legislators will break the law if they approve the Dangerous Wild Animal Rule (Proposed Rule 61-30) on November 17. There has been a clear violation of the WV law known as the Administrative Procedures Act. There are hundreds of pages of comments that were omitted from the official record and have not been given the meaningful consideration required by WV law. Many of the missing comments were provided by experts in their fields, national associations and even biologists. All of these comments have been verified as submitted before the deadline during the comment period and they have been completely ignored. For this reason, this Dangerous Wild Animal Rule must be tabled at the next Legislative Rule Making Review Committee (LRMRC) meeting.

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