Major Accomplishments 2008-2012

  • Led massive Grass Roots Campaign to KILL HR669-2008
  • Killed S373/HR2811 ‘Python BAN’- 2009-2010
  • Filed Information Quality Challenge with USGS on ‘Constrictor Report’- 2010
  • Commissioned Georgetown Economic Services to produce first comprehensive economic assessment of Herp Industry- 2011
  • Established Herp Industry as $1.4 billion Cottage Industry- 2011
  • Defeated Anti-Herp Legislation in more than two dozen states- 2008-2012
  • Made successful federal case to remove Reticulated Python, Boa Constrictor and 3 other snakes from Injurious Wildlife listing of Lacey Act- 2008-2011
  • Making federal case to OVERTURN listing of Burmese Python and 3 other snakes from Injurious Wildlife listing- 2012
  • Led successful opposition to IL SB3264 DAL, VA HB1242/ SB477 DAL, WV SB477 DAL, SC SB1244 DAL and RI SB2033 DAL- 2012