ACTION ALERT: New Mexico Senate Bill 38

Contact legislators today! This bill needs to be amended!
UPDATE: SB38 died as it did not pass through the House and complete the legislative process.
This bill bans the selling and purchasing of any species listed under Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna (CITES) as well as a short list of other species (see bill text below). CITES Appendix 1 includes many species which are domestically bred and sold including Argentine boa constrictors, Mexican alligator lizards (Abronia ssp), electric blue day geckos (Lygodactylus williamsi), Dumeril's boas, Chinese crocodile lizards, spider tortoises, macaws, cockatoos, and more. These are animals that are not removed from the wild and have no impact on wild populations.
While having the appealing title of "Wildlife Trafficking Act," the bill actually turns responsible breeders of these animals into criminals. We are all against illegal smuggling and trafficking of endangered wildlife species, but this bill misses the mark... by a lot.
It is likely that the sponsors simply are not aware of the unintended consequences of this bill. Educate them! Remember to be civil and professional at all times. SB 38 was introduced by Senator Mimi Stewart and Representative Gail Chasey.
CITES Appendices (this bill affects all CITES Appendix I species):


Sample Messaging
Voice your opposition and educate legislators now!
TAKE ACTION by doing one or, preferably, all of the below.
Remember to be civil and professional at all times.

  1. Fax letters;
  2. Mail letters;
  3. Send emails;
  4. Make phone calls.

The bill has passed the Senate and sits in the House Judiciary Committee. Here is an email list for committee members and the two sponsors:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Link to full contact information for House Judiciary Committee:

Sample Letter Headings or Email Subject Lines

  1. Amend SB38
  2. SB38 needs changed
  3. Opposition to current SB38 language

Sample Letters/Emails
Please edit and personalize the sample letters.

Sample Letter

Dear New Mexico Legislator,

I implore you to amend Senate Bill 38, titled the Wildlife Trafficking Act. As a conservationist and dedicated advocate for animal welfare, please realize that this bill greatly misses the mark of the stated intention. Specifically, in SB38, Chapter 4 section F must be amended. It currently reads "authorized by" and that be interpreted multiple ways. Those words should be removed and replaced with "allowable under" or there must be an amendment to exempt captive bred and domestically bred animals, as well as animals owned prior to this law becoming effective.

This bill is far-reaching and rife with unintended consequences, including making criminals out of those dedicated individuals who responsibly breed animals listed under CITES Appendix 1 including Spider tortoises, electric blue day geckos, macaws, and cockatoos. Many of these species have been domestically bred under human care for decades.

The domestic breeding of endangered species has many benefits to wild populations by relieving pressures of wild-collection and spreading awareness of habitat loss, pollution, use in traditional medicines, and other issues which have made these animals endangered. Additionally, breeding of these animals increases their global population. Hopefully, it is not your intention to make criminals of those working to conserve species, not cause their extinction.

Please do what is right for New Mexico, the animals, and responsible animal breeders by amending SB38, or by amending it to allow for the sale and transfer of animals bred under human care! Have a good day.



Article written by USARK