Washoe County Nevada ALERT

Washoe County, Nevada is holding the first hearing to discuss amendments to County Code Chapter 55 regarding animals on June 9, 2015. For exotic animal-related businesses, they are proposing an "Animal Welfare Permit." They are also proposing a "Commercial Breeding Permit" for breeders of dogs and cats. These two issues will set language that will affect upcoming changes to the exotic animal code.

Concerned Washoe County residents should call and email County Commissioners to request a workshop to be sure the voices of the exotic animal community are heard.

County officials have not been receptive of the information from experts and those who actually work with these animals. There is a strong animal rights undertone to these amendments and proposed future actions. Do not let animal rights groups make our laws!

Any communications with officials should request a workshop with an outside moderator so that the input of the exotic animal community will be heard. Remember to be professional and civil at all times!

Find information on the meeting at www.washoecounty.us/bcc/board_committees/index.php.

Get full contact details for your County Commissioner through this link: www.washoecounty.us/bcc/index.php.

County Commissioner emails:



List of County Commissioners (click names for full details)

Kevin Schiller (Asst. County Manager): KSCHILLER@WASHOECOUNTY.US: 775.328.2008

Marsha BerkbiglerMBERKBIGLER@WASHOECOUNTY.US: 775.328.2005

Bob LuceyBLUCEY@WASHOECOUNTY.US: 775.328.2005

Vaughn HartungVHARTUNG@WASHOECOUNTY.US: 775.328.2005

Jeanne HermanJHERMAN@WASHOECOUNTY.US: 775.328.2005

Kitty JungKJUNG@WASHOECOUNTY.US: 775.219.5472

Also, send an email to: AnimalCode@WashoeCounty.us

Nevada residents on Facebook should Like and follow the Nevada Animal Owners Alliance page at www.facebook.com/nevadaanimals.

By the new proposed definition, animal means:

  1. All cattle or bovine species;
  2. All horses, mules, burros, asses or equine species;
  3. All swine or porcine species;
  4. All sheep and goats;
  5. Alternative livestock as defined in NRS 501.003;
  6. All domestic animals; and
  7. All exotic animals.

View the proposed "Animal Welfare Permit" at www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Washoe-Animal-Welfare-Permit.pdf.

View the proposed "Commercial Breeding Permit" at www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Washoe-Commercial-Breeding-Permit.pdf.

Article written by USARK