Lawsuit Update

On Friday, USARK filed an opposition brief requesting that the Court not allow the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) to intervene in our lawsuit. Among other arguments, USARK made clear that HSUS and CBD lack standing (entitlement) to become involved. The evidence provided by these parties falls far below the established D.C. Circuit standards for demonstrating organizational standing.

The Court previously allowed submission of an amicus brief by HSUS which demonstrated a lack of understanding of the basic biology of these snakes and offered no beneficial information to the Court. Likewise, the joint motion for intervention fails to illustrate how their involvement will benefit the Court and does not establish even the remote possibility of injury to either group. Our brief made it apparent that HSUS’ and CBD’s intervention motion should be denied.

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Washoe and Clark County, Nevada Update and Alert

Before continuing, we ask that ALL Nevada pet owners check out and follow the Nevada Animal Owners Alliance (NAOA). Washoe and Clark counties will be facing amendments to their animal ordinances in the very near future. All pet owners should be involved as animal rights groups are working heavily in Nevada. Don't let animal rights groups write our laws!

NAOA Website:
NAOA Facebook Page:

Below is an excerpt from NAOA's blog last week. The proposed ordinance amendments involved dogs, cats, horses and all exotics. New amendments will be coming soon so get involved now and don't wait until they hit.

"Animal owners and business were recently facing a couple of proposed changes to the county animal ordinances which would have put onerous and expensive standards into effect...

While common sense regulation is not a bad thing, this proposed ordinance carried many standards and requirements that would have been detrimental to animal health... Additionally, when read in its entirety, the ordinance defined horse boarding and training facilities as commercial enterprises that would have to comply by housing their horses on concrete.

Again, with reasoned and articulated testimony, we were able to get the commission to understand our concerns and the negative consequences of the ordinances to our livelihoods, businesses and animals. They sent animal services back to the drawing board and stated they did not wish any ordinance to have unintended consequences to those business and citizens who were doing things correctly and obviously cared greatly about their animals. They also directed animal services to work with us to develop the ordinance. Yesterday was indeed a good day for animals and their owners in Washoe County."

Potential ALERT: Beaufort County, South Carolina

While this seems to be a maneuver to prevent a new exotic animal and big cat facility from moving into the county, it could escalate quickly to a ban on reptiles and other other exotic animals, too. Without work from local residents, this will not be a legitimate animal welfare ordinance.Area residents should contact their local officials and engage in this process. At this time, let officials know that there is a large exotic animal community and request to work on the language for any proposed ordinance. They likely simply need to be educated. Remember to be professional and civil at all times!

It seems that officials are being fed public safety scare propaganda and could have been provided with false statistics and other animal rights misinformation. Don't let animal rights groups write our laws!

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Contact information for officials can be found at

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