NARBC Tinley Park 3.18.14

NARBC in Tinley Park was another great show. The room was filled with vendors from across the country and loads of incredible animals. Friday night saw the first "ArchnoGathering," placing the invertebrate side of our community in the spotlight. This event featured presentations, raffles and plenty of discussion about tarantulas, scorpions and this segment of our hobby.

The Saturday night benefit auction was another success. NARBC raised nearly $22,000 for USARK and PIJAC thanks to the donations of generous vendors and attendees. Brian Potter once again entertained the crowd and kept the bids coming. Thanks to all bidders, auction contributors, Bob, Brian, Sheri, Tina and the NARBC crew!

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USARK Contributors

$2000+: Vital Exotics, Bailey & Bailey Reptiles, Gourmet Rodent, Marc Bailey Reptiles, Timberline

$1,000+: Freedom Breeder, Burke Reptiles, Renick Reptiles, JSA Reptiles, NoCo Reptiles, Rodent Pro, Zoo Med

$500+: JMG Reptiles, Eco Wear, Goss Reptiles, NARBC, ARS Caging, Brad Boa Reptiles, C Serpents, Ernesto Guitierrez, RepTillis Herps, Psychotic Exotics, East Coast Serpents, BHB Reptiles, Tetra, Roussis Reptiles

$250+: Rico Walder, Brad Boa, Solar Raptor, RJS Reptiles, Brad's CBB, Reptiles by Mack, Magnum Geckos, Pangea Reptile, Ton Jones, Carl Vail,, Rep Room

100+: Bug Brothers, PM Herp, Chicago Reptile House, Universal Rocks, International Herp Symposium (IHS), Theresa Moran, Prima Reptilia, Reptiles Magazine, Bob Futo, Twin Cities Reptiles, Herpers: The Movie, Jeremy Wrede, Rain Forest Junkies

Additional Donations: GLK Herps, Great Lake Constrictors, DJ Constriction, John Ditkof, Rep Cal, Chameleon Addict, Black Magic Reptiles

Volunteers: Josh, Michelle, Donnie, Chad, Jason, Russ, Abby, Adeline, Nanette, Kristi, David, Cindy, Dan, Mike

Thank you to everyone involved for another successful auction and for your USARK support! Our fight is not possible without you.

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News and Upcoming Events

Chicago Herp Society's ReptileFest: April 12-13, 2014 from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM in Chicago, IL. The nation's largest educational reptile and amphibian show is back. CHS does a fantastic job educating the public at this event, which does not include live animal sales. Attendees can learn about appropriate pets, native species and conservation. There will be opportunities to hold animals, ask questions and enjoy these incredible creatures. More information at

David Northcott Health Battle: Dave is a remarkable person, award-winning photographer and cherished member of the herp community. He is battling a heart condition and has been informed he will need a transplant. You can support him at We wish you well, Dave.

Cancer Battle: A fellow herper, Patrick Gerbert (TattooedGiants Reticulated Pythons), is battling stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma. A fundraising page has been started at Also, Travis Kubes and others are holding auctions on the Retic Nation Facebook page ( to benefit Patrick. We wish you the best in your fight, Patrick.

Indiana Reptile Breeders' Expo: March 23rd in Richmond, IN. More details at

Pacific NW Reptile and Exotic Animal Show:  March 29-30 in Hillsboro, OR. The PACNWRS is a public trade show exhibiting over 100 vendor booths offering exotic animals and their related merchandise. In addition to animals and products for sale, there are educational reptile and exotic mammal displays for the whole family. Get all the details at and

OKC Elite Reptile Show: After a great first show, the second OKC Elite show hits Oklahoma City on May 3-4. More information will be posted at

All Ohio Reptile Show: April 5 in Columbus, OH. More details at

Snake Days: May 30, 31 & June 1 in Sanderson, Texas. Great educational lectures, field herping, photo contest, clean highways project and more. Get the details at and

Biology of The Pitvipers Symposium: June 4-7 in Tulsa, OK. Learn more at and

Article written by USARK