NARBC Arlington and Reptile Super Show Pomona

USARK had a very busy weekend. Last weekend we had booths at two of the top reptile shows in the world, NARBC Arlington and Reptile Super Show Pomona. This would not have been possible without the support of the show promoters (Ramy, Bob and Brian) and our amazing USARK volunteers. Both shows were packed with the best vendors, herps, supplies, inverts and enthusiastic attendees. USARK received a huge amount of support at both shows from members of the Reptile Nation.

The NARBC team raised over $12,000 for USARK and PIJAC. Bob Ashley and Brian Potter have always supported USARK and continue to do so. We will identify auction contributors soon. For now, thank you to all contributors and thank you NARBC!

Be sure to stop by our booth this weekend at the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Daytona Beach, Florida. We will be having a benefit auction Saturday night that is open to everyone and family-friendly. View show details at or

We would like to recognize and thank everyone who donated to the Reptile Super Show auction. Below is a list of auction contributors:

Donations $500+: Jay Somers, Heather's Herps, Zoo Med, Reptile Super Show, Exo-Terra

Donations $200+: Southern California Herp Association, Reptile Mogul, Gecko Ranch, Kammerflage Kreations, Tiki Tiki Reptiles, Layne Labs, Psychotic Exotics, J & M Cages, Angel's Exotics, South Bay Tropicals, SoCal Constrictors, Tamara Harvey

Donations $100+: Bob Applegate, SanTan Reptiles, 480 Pythons, Blue Moon Dragons, Happy Herps, Dart Frog Connection, Michael Deeds, Hardy Reptiles, El Segundo Reptiles,, Ghost Morph Exotics, Reptile Basics, Jurassic Reptiles, Ecco Geckos, SLO Gecko, Goss Reptiles, Waterland Tubs, Paramount Pet, DM Exotics, Australian Addiction

Additional Donations by: Herp Nation Media, Creative Pet Supply, Millipedes and More, DIY Cages, World Serpent Exotics, Greenhouse Farms, Pink Dahlia, Excalibur Dragons, Reptile One, Jeff Greene, Isaiah Monza, Castles for Reptiles, Predators Reptile Center, Sunland Breeders, Turtle Shop, Amazon Reptile Center, Jungle Box, GuyCo Gecko, Galaxy Dragons, Superior Balls, Cricket Crack, Dubi Deli, CJO Reptiles, Black Pearl Reptiles, BJS Reptiles, FL Chams, CJ's Frogs, Boafliction, Relentless Concepts

Volunteers: Erin S., Katy B., Lupe, Jason, Isaiah, Carlos, Cynthia, Rainer, Heather, Caitlin, Abby, Justuce and Stefanie. Thank you Super Show volunteers!

Please let us know if we missed anyone and USARK appreciates your support! Our fight is not possible without our volunteers and supporters.

Below is a photo of our booth at the NARBC Arlington show. This would not have been possible without our volunteers who did an amazing job. A huge thank you goes out to (from left to right) Kimberly, Gillian, Alfonso, Dan and Chris!
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