Reptile Super Show San Diego and more

Reptile Super Show San Diego July 6-7

Show season is here and it all begins with the San Diego Reptile Super Show. Stop by the USARK booth and say hello, check out the daily raffle and buy a new USARK shirt. A sneak peak of a limited women's shirt is below. Grab them quickly! Reply to this email if you would like to volunteer in the USARK booth or help with the auction. There will be perks for volunteers! Be sure to thank Ramy for supporting the entire herp community and USARK. Visit for more details.

Before you attend shows this year, take a minute to recall why you go to reptile shows. Sure you go to look at reptiles and maybe take one (or more) home, but you also go to talk reptiles and be part of the herp community. The Reptile Super Show photo below shows a huge room filled with people that are happy to have the opportunity to talk herps and know they are surrounded by people there to do the same. Be a supportive member of the herp community and keep your show visits positive. Visit the USARK booth and attend the auction to uphold your right to attend reptile shows. Support your community!











Auction and After Party Announcement

The auction will be begin at 6:30 and will held in the same venue as the show. Reptile Super Show auctions always have a few surprises and this one will certainly follow that trend. This auction will be rated PG (leaning toward PG-13 at times) but bring the entire family. There will be donations from vendors including reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, artwork, supplies and much more. Everyone is welcome and it's free. The Super Show is working hard to make their auctions events that everyone will be discussing on Sunday. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Show Schedule
July 6-7, 2013

Sat. 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
AUCTION: Sat. 6:30 - TBA

Sun. 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


California Swap Meet Bill update (AB 339):
The bill has passed through Assembly and is awaiting a third reading in the Senate before being signed into law. This bill could have banned reptile shows in California (not just those held six times per year). In April, a joint effort between USARK and PIJAC had this bill amended to exclude reptile shows. This is a great reason to celebrate at the Reptile Super Show!

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"Those among us who are keepers (yes, I am one) owe each and every animal, be their cost mere pennies or thousands of dollars, the best of conditions and care. Research each species before acquisition, and then acquire only those that you can care for adequately and with relative ease." - Richard Bartlett (Peruvian red-tailed boa photo © USARK)











a young field herper with a Speckled kingsnake
(Photo posted by  kcmatt at






This photo shows an adult Common snapping turtle (left) and an Alligator snapping turtle (right). You can see many differences but the easily observable difference is the shell. The Common snapper shell is smooth and the Alligator snapper has contoured scutes and distinct ridges. The head shape is also much different. If viewing from above, the Common snapper head is rounded and the Alligator snapper has a pointed, triangular shaped head. Alligator snappers also have much larger and pronounced beaks, and larger nostrils. (Photo via












This is a very colorful, and young, Broad-banded water snake (Nerodia fasciata confluens). This snake occurs across much of the southeastern United States including the eastern third of Texas. Broadening of the head (demonstrated here) is a common defensive posture by banded water snakes when threatened to resemble a venomous snake such as a cottonmouth. Beautiful snake! (Photo posyed by Parkenstein at

Upcoming Events

International Herpetological Symposium July 1-August 3 in New Orleans: Over 40 herp-related presentations from worldwide presenters. This is an event not to miss. More information at

Turtle Survival Alliance Symposium August 7-10 in St. Louis: More information at

Biology of Pitvipers II Symposium June 4-7, 2014 in Tulsa, OK: Nearly 25 years have passed since that memorable first meeting in 1989. Expect great things at this event. More information at

Thank you for your continued support!

Photo © USARK

Article written by USARK