Illinois Herptiles-Herps Act

Illinois Herptiles-Herps Act (as enacted)

IN HB1332 2017 Dangerous Wild Animals

IN HB 1332: Dangerous Wild Animal bill

Cornutopia The Hidden Enemy

HSUS: The Hidden Enemy

HSUS-2015 Atorneys General

HSUS Investigation 2015


HR 996 Summary (Library of Congress)

HR2158 Amendment

HR2158 Amendment 9.17.14

IN 2016 SB195

IN SB 195: 2016

Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2016
Invasive Fish Wildlife Prevention Act of 2016

Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2016

USARK Lawsuit Appeals Mem Op

Lawsuit: Appeal Opinion 2017

Doc No 1586412 – Appellants Brief 12.2.15

Lawsuit: Appellate FWS Opening Brief 12/2/15

Doc No 1596457 – Amici Reply

Lawsuit: Appeal Amici Reply Brief 2.1.16

Lawsuit Update 4.26.14

Lawsuit Update 4.26.14


Invasive Species Council 2016

Lawsuit Appeals mandate 5.31.17

Judgment mandate


HR 6342: Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act

Legislative Talking Points 2014

General Legislative Talking Points

HR 2920 2015 Federal Primate Bill

Federal: HR 2920 Primate Safety Act 2015

Final Constrictor Rule

Final Constrictor Rule Federal Register 3.10.15

Federal Register Spider Tortoise

Federal Register Spider Tortoise Listing

ESA Black pinesnake Press 10-5-15

ESA: Black pinesnake Press 10.5.15


ESA Spider Tortoise Petition

ESA Black pinesnake FAQ 10.5.15

ESA: Black Pinesnake Listing 10.5.15

Final Constrictor Snake Rule 2015

Final Constrictor Snake Rule 2015

FWC 2014 Workshops

FWC Wildlife Stakeholder Meetings Announced July 2014

FWS Reply Brief 6.24.14

FWS Reply Brief 6.23.14

3.19.14 FWS Reply Dkt_17_Government’s_Reply_re_MtD

FWS Reply to USARK’s Opposition on their Motion to Dismiss

FWS FOIA Lawsuit Comment Inquiry

FWS FOIA Lawsuit Comment Inquiry

FWS Constrictor Final

FWS Finalizes Constrictor Rule

FWS Denial 3.31.15

FWS Declines Extension Request 3/31/15

Constrictor Rule extension request Denial

FWS Denial to Extend Constrictor Rule Comment Period

Lawsuit: CISP Appeal Brief 12.9.15
Doc No 1587688 CISP Amicus Motion and Brief

Lawsuit: CISP Appeal Brief 12.9.15

Dkt No 64 FWS 6.2.15

Lawsuit: Dkt 64 FWS 6.2.15

Dkt No 65 USARK Pleading Opp. Brief 6-12-2015

Lawsuit: USARK Opposition Brief 6.12.15

Dkt No 59 USARK PI 5.19.15

Lawsuit: USARK PI Brief 5/19/15

Dkt No 49 – Plaintiffs Supp Reply Brief

Lawsuit: USARK brief 4/27/15

Doc 1592898 USARK Appeal Brief

Lawsuit: USARK Appeal Brief 1.11.16

Proposed+Order 4.1.15

Lawsuit: Proposed Order Application

Motion+for+TRO+and+Relief+Pending+Review 4.1.15

Lawsuit: Temporary Restraining Order 4.1.15

Dkt No 53 – USARK Supp Brief on PI

Lawsuit: USARK Supplemental Injunction Brief 5.15.15


Lawsuit: USARK’s brief filed on 4/20/15

Maine LD 746 2015

Maine HP 499, SD 746 2015

Maine Proposal 2016

Maine Rule Changes 2016

Maine Exotic Animal Law

Maine Exotic Animal Law

Maine Proposed Rule Changes 2016

Maine 2016: Proposed Rule Changes

MA Cambridge Pet Sale Ban 2016

MA: Cambridge pet sales ban

Maine DIFW Final 2016 b

Maine 2016 Wildlife Rule Changes

PI Press Release

Lawsuit: Press Release Preliminary Injunction 5/12/15

USARK_Memoradum_of_Law_in_Support_of_PI 4.1.15

Lawsuit: Preliminary Injunction 4.1.15

2014 WV DWA Act Proposed 1

WV DWA Species List

Docket 71 FWS Notice of Appeal

Lawsuit: FWS Notice of PI Appeal Dkt 71

Dkt No 48 – Defendants Supp Reply Brief

Lawsuit: FWS brief 4/27/15

Doc No 1596500 – FWS Reply

Lawsuit: FWS Appeal Reply Brief 2.1.16

Docket 68 HSUS CBD Intervention Granted

Lawsuit: Docket 68 HSUS CBD Intervention Granted 7.6.15

Dkt+No+30 FWS 2nd Denial 4.3.15

Lawsuit: FWS 2nd Denial of Extension 4.3.15

Dky No 58 FWS PI 5.19.15

Lawsuit: FWS PI Brief 5/19/15

FWS scope of USARK PI order

Lawsuit: FWS PI Fact Sheet 6.2.15

Lawsuit: Intervenor Order 3.23.16
HSUS CBD Appellate Order

Lawsuit: Intervenor Order 3.23.16

Dkt No 61 USARK PI

Lawsuit: PI Final Ruling 5.19.15

Lawsuit: HSUS CBD Appeal Brief 1 12.9.15
Doc No 1587617 HSUS CBD Intervenor Brief 1

Lawsuit: HSUS CBD Appeal Brief 1 12.9.15

Dkt No 54 – Def Supp Brief on PI

Lawsuit: FWS Supplemental Injunction Brief 5.15.15

USARK Appeal FWS Statement 8.24.15

Lawsuit: FWS Statement 8.24.15

Dkt No 44 Government Supp Brief

Lawsuit: FWS supplemental brief filed 4/21/15

ESA List

ESA listed species


ESA Flat-tailed Tortoise Petition

2017 MA S490

2017 MA S490: Animal “Performance” Ban

2017 Maine SP 91
Maine SP 91 GPS

2017 Maine SP 91

IN 2017 HB1550

2017 IN HB 1550

2017 HR 2603 ESA

2017 H.R.2603

FWS Paperwork reduction act comments Feb 2017

2017 Federal Register:

2017 FL SB 230

2017 FL SB230/HB587

2017 AZ AB238

2017 Nevada AB238

2017 NM SB81
2017 NM SB0081

2017 NM SB81

Waynesboro PA pet ban

2017: Waynesboro, PA exotic animal ban and pet limit

Letter+to+Director+Ashe Extension

3.16.15 Constrictor Rule Extension Request

2017 Texas City of Clute – Animal Ordinance Draft

2017: Clute, TX draft ordinance May

CA Fish and Game April 26 meeting

2017: CA turtle import ban proposal

2017 Public Water Supply Invasive Species Compliance Act

2017 Public Water Supply Invasive Species Compliance Act

2017 TX SB1879

2017 TX HB2274 and SB1879

2017 Arlington County VA exotic animal ban

2017 Arlington County, VA exotic animal ban

Washoe Animal Welfare Permit

2015: Washoe County, NV: Animal Welfare Permit

2013 Financials Breakdown

2013 USARK Financials Breakdown

USARK 2013 Financials

2013 USARK Financials Summary

Washoe Ordinance 2.3.17

2/3/17 Washoe County, NV

Ohio SB310. Wilkens vs. Daniels

Ohio SB310-related: Wilkins, et al v. David Daniels

5.23.14 Amended Complaint Motion to Dismiss


First Amended Complaint


2014 Agenda FWS Injurious Listing Revision

2014 Agenda FWS Injurious Listing Revision

2014 Agenda Import Export Revision

2014 FWS Proposed Import/Export Change

2015 WV SB 247

2015 WV SB 247

Washoe Commercial Breeding Permit

2015: Washoe County Commercial Breeder Permit

2015 WV SB222

2015 WV SB 222

2015 CT Endangered Species Review

2015 CT Review of Endangered Species

2014 Motion_to_Dismiss

2014 Motion to Dismiss by USFWS

USARK 2015 990

2015 990 Taxes

3.23.15 Dkt+No+27+Second+Amended+Complaint

3.23.15 Amended Lawsuit

3.23.15 Dkt+No+27+Motion+to+Leave+to+File+Second+Amended+Complaint

3.23.15 Lawsuit Motion for Leave

ConstrictorRuleLetter (2)

Constrictor Rule Letter 2

ConstrictorRuleLetter (4)

Constrictor Rule Letters

Injurious 2015 Q&A Retic Green

Constrictor Rule Finalization Q & A 2015

Constrictor Rule Register 6.24.14

Constrictor Rule Comment Reopening Federal Register 6.24.14

Clark County NV Title 10 draft changes 2015

Clark County, NV: Title 10 proposed changes 2015



Fall 2014 Agenda Constrictor Rule

Constrictor Rule: Fall 2014 Agenda Announcement

What It Means for Snake Owners

Constrictor Snakes as Injurious Wildlife: What It Means for Snake Owners

Egyptian Tortoise ESA 4.10.15

Egyptian Tortoise ESA Listing: 4/10/15

ESA Black Pinesnake Register

ESA Black Pinesnake Listing 10.6.15

Egyptian tortoise comment USARK

Egyptian Tortoise ESA comment

Dunedin Letter

Dunedin, FL Testimony

Dunedin Agenda 2014

Dunedin, FL 12/4/14 City Agenda

Dunedin Proposed Ordinance 2014

Dunedin, FL Proposed Ordinance 12/4/14

Clark County Letter 1

Clark County Sample Letter

Public Notice Clark County

Clark County Public Notice

Black Pine Reopen 3.11.15

Black Pine Snake Comment Period 3.11.15

Black Pine snake Comment Final

Black Pine Snake ESA Comment 2014

Beaver PA Proposed-Animal-Ordinance-May-2016

Beaver, PA Alert

ABA Dangerous Wild Animals Aug 2014

ALC DWA Resolution


6.23.14: Reopening of Constrictor Rule Comment Period


6.23.14: USFWS Reopens Constrictor Rule Comment

Black Pine 3.10.15

Black Pine Snakes Comment Re-opening 2015

Dear Interior Secretary Jewell

CatEx letter

letter to businesses Clark County

Clark County Letter to Businesses

Title 10 changes Clark County

Clark County Proposed Ordinance

Clark County Alert Flyer 10.6.15
Clark County Alert Info

Clark County Alert Flyer 10.6.15

Clark County Alert 10.6.15 CLICK ICON

Clark County Alert 10.6.15 CLICK ICON


CBD FOIA request: Deadline 12/16/16



Maine Exotic Animal Law

Maine: Exotic Animal Law

Dkt No 44-6 Government Supp Brief – Ex 6

Lawsuit: FWS exhibits filed on 4/20/15

S. 1153 Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act1

S. 1153: Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act

CO proposed rule change hearing

State: CO Proposed Rule Change 2016 b


S. 1153: The Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act

Salamander Listing Injurious

Salamander Injurious Listing: 2016

Salamander Rule Comment 2016
USARK Salamander Lacey Act comment final

Salamander Rule Comment 2016

Salamander Listing Injurious Final 2016

Salamander Injurious Listing: Federal Register 1.13.16

USARK 2013 Constrictor Complaint


Reptile Acquisition Templates
Buyer Template 2

Reptile Acquisition Templates

Nixa MO Exotic Animal Ban

Proposed Exotic Animal Ban in Nixa, MO Aug. 2014


USARK Declarations

WI Public Hearing Testify

Public Hearing Protocol: WI


Pyxis Tortoise ESA Comment


Reopening of Cat Ex Comment period

Pyxis Comment 1

Sample Pyxis Tortoise Comment

USARK 2014 990 Form

USARK 2014 Financials 990

SnakeDays Student Research Grant 2015 PDF

SnakeDays Student Research Grant 2015

Turtle Petition 2015

Turtle Regulation Rule Change: 2015


South Carolina H 3985

Omnibus Amendment Sumary

Summary House Omnibus Amendment SB 310

CO proposed rule change

State: CO Proposed Rule Change 2016

USARK 2008 Financials IRS

USARK 2008 Financials 990

USARK 2009 Financials IRS

USARK 2009 Financials 990

USARK 2012 Financials IRS

USARK 2012 Financials 990

USARK 2013 Financials 990 Form

USARK 2013 Financials IRS

Buyer Agreement

Sample Responsible Buyer Agreement

USARK 2011 Financials IRS

USARK 2011 Financials 990

USARK 2010 Financials IRS

USARK 2010 Financials 990


USARK Extension to Comment Consrictor Request 6.26.14


USARK Ashe Letter 2013

WI DWA 2015

WI DWA Bill 2015

WI 2015 AB 333

WI 2015: AB 333 Dangerous Wild Animal Act 9.10.15

WV DWA List and Comment

West Virginia Proposed Dangerous Wild Animal List 7.2.14


NHC: National Herpetological Congress announces new President

Comment on Proposed Rule 61-30

WV Comment on Proposed Rule 61-30 (1)

WV Injurious_Species_comment

WV Comment on Proposed Rule 61-30 (2)

2015 NC H554

NC H554 DWA Act 2015




NMFS Orange Clownfish and Damselfish ESA

NV: Clark County Title 10 Agenda for 8.22.15
Clark County Title 10 Agenda for 8.22.15

NV: Clark County Title 10 Agenda for 8.22.15



NV AB361 2015

NV AB 361: 2015

WV USFWS_findings_4_constrictors

WV Comment on Proposed Rule 61-30 (3)

Clark County Title 10 proposed changes 2015

NV: Clark County Animal Ordinance Title 10 Changes 8.17.15

WV DWA Press Release 1

WV DWA Press Release: 10/9/14


Nevada Exotic Bill 2013


USARK Flyer 2014

West Virginia DWA Proposed List 6.11.14

West Virginia Proposed Banned Animals List 6.11.14

Washoe County, NV 2016 September

Washoe County, NV 2016 September


USARK Promo Flyer

USARK Promo 2015

USARK Promotional Flyer


USARK Oppositon to Dismiss

USARK Registration Form 2014

USARK Membership Form

Dkt No 52 – Memorandum Opinion on PI

USARK Lawsuit: Preliminary Injunction Ruling

NOAA 20 Corals Final Rule

NOAA 20 Species of Coral Threatened

USARK Opposition to FWS Motion to Dismiss 6.11.14

USARK Response to FWS Motion to Dismiss 6.11.14

Ohio HB 396

Ohio HB 396

USARKs_July_2014_Comments_on_Snake_Listing_Proposal_v4 Final

USARK’s 2014 Constrictor Rule Comment

Burmese Pythons in South Florida: 24 Documents


A Review of: Dorcas et al. 2012. Severe Mammal Declines Coincide with Proliferation of Invasive Burmese Pythons in Everglades National Park. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science


Burmese Python, Climate, Rodda et al

Burmese pythons in S FL_IFAS factsheet_final

Burmese Pythons S. Fl., U of Fl.

Rodda Reed Climate Pythons 2008

Burmese Pythons; Climate, Rodda & Reed, 2008


Chicago Herp Society, Barker

Pyron et al 2008 – ecolog niche modeling contradicts python expansion claims

Claims of Potential Expansion Throughout the US by Invasive Python Species Contradicted by Niche Models, Pyron et al


Climate Data Set Used by Rodda & Reed USGS


Critique of Mischaracterization of Climate Data by Gordon Rodda & Robert Reed, Barker & Barker 2010


Distribution Burmese Pythons, Barker

Cold pythons (2)

ENP Cold Python Study, Mazzotti et al, 2010

Florida Invaders

Florida Invaders, NPS & FWC, 2008


Genetics of Florida Burmese Pythons, Collins, Freeman & Snow


HB 352, Phillips, 2011


On Burmese Pythons in the Everglades, Barker & Barker, 2009


On Burmese Pythons/ Executive Summary, Barker & Barker, 2009


Reinterpretation of Climate Data, Barker & Barker 2010


Review of USGS Report on Giant Constrictors, Barker & Barker, 2010



Dorcas et al 2010 – Can pythons inhabit temperate regions

SREL Cold Study, Dorcas et al. 2010


USDA Python/Cold Study, Avery et al, 2010


USDA Snake Trap 8/7/13


USGS Map, Rodda & Reed

USGS Risk Assessment 2009

USGS Risk Assessment for 9 Large Constricting Snakes, Rodda & Reed, 2009


Will They Come In Out of the Cold?, Barker & Barker, 2008

US Senate: 10 Documents

S.373, Cardin#1[1]

Amendment, Cardin, 2009

EPW Letter on S  373

Independent Scientists Letter to Senate EPW RE S373, Jacobson & DeNardo et al, 2009


Kill-S373 Sample Letter

Petition Against S373

Petition Against S373 (printable version)


PIJAC Review of USGS Report on 9 Giant Contrictors, Reasor, 2009


S373 CBO Score


S373, Nelson, 2009


Senator Nelson to Senate EPW Committee, 2009


US Chamber of Commerce Opposition to S373


US Dept of Interior Letter Supporting S373, Salazar, 2009

Federal: 7 Documents


Americans Should NOT Be Forced under Lacey Act to Follow Foreign Laws in America


Cat-X meeting update


Categorical Exclusion Letter 7/24/13


Categorical exclusion under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) 7/1/13


H.R. 996 Analysis 2013


HR 2158 Injurious Snake Export Bill (5/2013)


Opening Statement of Chairman Doc Hastings

Reptile Statistics: 4 Documents

Animal Related Fatalities

Animal Related Fatalities, Langley & Hunter

USBLSanimal hazards

Are Animals Occupational Hazards, US BLS

Chicago Herp Society

Chicago Herp Society, McKenzie

NSCodds of dying

Odds of Dying, National Saftey Council

USARK: 9 Documents

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies State of the Union

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies State of the Union

USARK Model Reptiles

Model State Legislation, 2010


Summary of USARK S373 CBO Report, Wyatt, 2009

USARK Budget 2009- Actual

USARK 2009 Financial Statement, Tregembo & Fontes, 2010

US ARK 1st Quarter Report 2010- Actual

USARK 2010 1st Quarter Report, Tregembo & Fontes, 2010

US ARK 2nd Qtr 2010- Actual

USARK 2010 2nd Quarter Report, Tregembo & Fontes, 2010

US ARK 3rd Qtr 2010- Actual

USARK 2010 3rd Quarter Report, Tregembo & Fontes, 2010

USARK  2010 Financial Report

USARK 2010 Financial Report, Fontes & Tregembo, 2011

US ARK Budget 2011- Actual

USARK 2011 Financial Report, Tregembo & Fontes 2012

Suspicious Incidents: 5 Documents

king cobra

Authorities Skeptical of King Cobra loose in NC

API Cobras

Born Free USA/ API Suspected of Cobra Release in NC

API Cobras NC

Possible Cobra Release by API in NC

Kimg Cobra NC

Suspicious King Cobra in NC


Suspicious Python Release in Tampa, USARK Press Release, Wyatt, 2009

State: 31 Documents


AZ HB 2375, Campbell, 2010

CA AB339

CA AB 339 (2013)

CA AB339 Reptile Show Amendment 2013

CA AB339 Reptile Show Amendment 2013

California Business and Professions Code exerpt (AB 339- 2013)

California Business and Professions Code exerpt (AB 339: 2013)

CT Reg Proposal

Connecticut Regulatory Proposal, 2010


Connecticut Rule Making, 2011

Ohio-Dangerous and Wild Animals

DAL Sponsor Letter, Balderson, 2012


FL S318, Sobel, 2009


FL S572, Constantine, 2010

SC H4218

H4218, Representative Kirsh, 2009

VA HB1242

HB 1242, Peace, 2012


House Bill 5832 1/13


INs280, Arnold, 2010


LA County Regulatory Proposal, 2010

LA County Testimony

LA County Testimony, Roscher, 2010

LA- HB1354

LA- HB1354, Hill, 2010


Nevada AB 246 “Swap Meet Ban”


New York AB 2859 1/13


NYa7935, Clark, 2010

Ohio DAL Ag Comm Agenda

Ohio Agriculture Committee Agenda for DAL, 2012


Ohio Draft Executive Order, HSUS, OFB & Strickland


RIs2027, Tassoni, 2010

RI S2033

S2033, Tassoni et al, 2012


SB 310 Impact Summary

VA SB477

SB 477, Lucas, 2012


SB310 as passed by Senate, Balderson, 2011


SB310 Dangerous Wild Animal Legislation as Introduced, Balderson, 2011

IL SB3264

SB3264, Steans, 2012


Senate Bill 477

CA Fish&Game Testimony

Testimony On Non-native Frogs & Turtles CA FGC, Wyatt, 2010

WV HB2209 2.13.14

West Virginia House Bill 2209 (2/13/14)

Animal Rights: 6 Documents

API Farming

Born Free USA/ API Livestock Farming


Born Free USA/ API Model Legislation to Ban Reptiles, Nicole Paquette


Defenders of Wildlife, Broken Screens, Jenkins


HSUS State Lobbying Guide

National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species

Letter endorsing Injurious Wildlife Listing for Boa, Python & Eunectes, Jenkins


Politics of AR & Environmental Movement at the State Level, Hansen & Branam

USFWS Rule Change: 11 Documents

OMB Letter Brant 2-26-10

Business Case Study OMB, Brant, 2010

Economic OMB Testimony

Economic OMB Testimony, Wyatt, 2010


Federal Register Notice of Proposed Rule Change, USFWS, 2010


Press Release Proposed Rule Change, USFWS, 2010

DeNardo – OMB python statement

Scientific OMB Testimony, DeNardo, 2010

snake letter to POTUS 11-11

Snake Letter to Obama, HSUS, TNC, DOW et al, 2011

USARK Addendum Public Comment f AW080210

USARK Addendum to Public Comment on Rule Change, Collis & Wyatt, 2010

USARK Public Comment Proposed Rule USFWS

USARK Comment on USFWS Proposed Rule, Willens & Wyatt, 2010

USARK IQA Challenge

USARK Information Quality Act Challenge, McDonald et al, 2010


USARK IQA APPEAL, MacDonald, Willens & Wyatt, 2010

Response to USFWS IRFA

USARK Response to USFWS Initial Regulatory Flexability Analysis, Collins, Fenili & Wyatt, 2010

Various Information: 10 Documents


Delisting a Species as Endangered


Endangered Species Act Basics


FWS announces hiring freeze 3/11/13

Injurious Wildlife Fact Sheet

Injurious Wildlife Fact Sheet


Listing a Species as Threatened or Endangered


Modern U.S. Reptile Industry (Economic Study 2011)


Permits for Native Species


Rebuttal to GES report criticisms


Reptile Times Interview with USARK President, Phil Goss

2012 Financials

USARK 2012 Financial Report, Tregembo & Fontes 2013

US House of Representatives: 12 Documents


HR2811 CBO Score


HR2811, Meek, 2009



Congressional letter on HR 2811-S 373

Independent Scientists Letter to House Judiciary Committee RE HR2811

NO on HR669

NO on HR669


Sample Letter HR669

Take Action HR669

Stop HR669 in Subcommitte 4/4/09

BordalloLetter21 revised (3)

USARK Letter To Del. Madeleline Bordallo May 20, 2009


USARK Position on Passage of HR669

USARK Proposed Amendment HR2811(f)

USARK Proposed Amendment of HR2811, Wyatt, 2009

Andrew Wyatt USARK Testimony (2)

USARK Testimoney on HR2811, Wyatt, 2009


USARK Testimony on HR669

Industry Articles: 1 Document


NARBC Arlington article 2/2013

USARK Promotional Materials: 3 Documents


Petition Against USFWS Proposed Rule Change 2010

USARK Accomplishments In 2009

USARK Accomplishments in 2009 2010

What is USARK

What Is USARK, Wyatt, 2010