EXPIRED: New Alert for California Assembly Bill 339


See new action alert here: http://usark.org/press-releases/ca-ab-339-new-action-required/

THIS ALERT IS EXPIRED! Go here for details: http://usark.org/press-releases/ca-ab-339-new-action-required/


WHAT: California Assembly Bill 339 was introduced on February 13, 2013 and has been assigned a Committee. The bill would ban selling animals at "swap meets." In the state of California, reptile shows could be classified as "swap meets."

(a) As used in this article, the term "swap meet" includes a flea market or an open-air market and means an event at which two or more persons offer merchandise for sale or exchange and that meets one of the following conditions:

(1) A fee is charged for the privilege of offering or displaying merchandise for sale or exchange.

(2) A fee is charged to prospective buyers for parking or for admission to the area where merchandise is offered or displayed for sale or exchange.

(3) The event is held more than six times in any 12-month period.

It is important to exclude reptile shows from this bill.

Complete text of Bill can be found here: http://usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/CA-AB339.pdf

Pertinent California Business and Professions code excerpt can be found here: http://usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/California-Business-and-Professions-Code-exerpt-AB-339-20132.pdf


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THIS ALERT IS EXPIRED! Go here for details: http://usark.org/press-releases/ca-ab-339-new-action-required/

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Subject: NO on Assembly Bill 339

THIS ALERT IS EXPIRED! Go here for details: http://usark.org/press-releases/ca-ab-339-new-action-required/

California Committee on Public Safety Member,

Please vote NO on Assembly Bill 339 as written. I certainly agree that animal welfare is a major concern and anyone breaking animal cruelty laws should be punished. However, as written, this bill would cost small business owners in California millions of dollars annually and would put many hardworking and tax-paying California residents out of business. The reptile segment of the pet industry generates over $165 million in annual revenue for California and this bill would remove a significant portion of that revenue.

AB 339 includes the terms "flea markets" and "swap meets." As defined under California Business and Professions Code, all reputable reptile shows will be affected by AB 339 and forced to cease operations. This will eliminate revenue by responsible reptile breeders, show promoters and businesses selling ancillary products. All which equates to less taxes for California as it would destroy many small businesses.

These specialized reptile conventions provide captive bred animals and annual attendance is in the hundreds of thousands. One specific California reptile show sees over 10,000 attendees in one weekend. There are dozens of reptile shows in California. Vendors at these shows educate attendees concerning reptiles and the proper care of the animals. This bill will remove another connection between people and animals and will even affect animal conservation as an educational tool will be lost. With over 550,000 households in California keeping pet reptiles, many people will be affected by this bill.

I ask you to vote NO on AB 339 as written and to alter the bill to exclude reptile shows and reptile conventions. The current terminology could negatively affect responsible business owners and pet owners.

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