South Carolina: H 3985 “Dangerous Wild Animals Act”


WHERE: South Carolina State

WHAT: H 3985, “Dangerous Wild Animals Act,” seeks to ban possession of many species of reptiles, amphibians and mammals including boa constrictors, reticulated pythons, Burmese pythons and crocodilians. Get more details and be sure to send individual emails using the information at This bill needs to be stopped. Share this with everyone you know in the herp, exotic animal and pet communities. Make your voice heard and shut this bill down now!

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Subject: No on H 3985

Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Member,

I write today to oppose H 3985, the “Dangerous Wild Animals Act." Bans are not the answer and this proposed legislation is unconstitutional. Similar legislation to H 3985 passed in Ohio has cost the state millions of dollars. This includes a $2.9 million housing facility for beloved pets that could no longer be kept by owners under the new law. This bill will punish responsible reptile and exotic animal keepers and is overreaching legislation pushed by anti-pet groups that use special interest propaganda filled with partial truths. This bill could see the state of South Carolina euthanizing hundreds or thousands of animals for no valid reason. Some of the proposed reptile species are commonly kept as pets and many citizens will be affected.

Also, there is no environmental concern. The non-native species of reptiles listed cannot establish themselves and harm South Carolina's environment. This has been proven by the Burmese python population in Florida. This population occurred in 1991 as a result of Hurricane Andrew destroying a research facility and has not traveled north of extreme southern Florida.

This type of legislation is pushed by anti-pet groups posing as animal welfare organizations. Animal cruelty should certainly be addressed, but banning and over-regulating pet ownership are not effective means to handle this concern. It’s a shame that the great state of South Carolina would allow special interest groups to influence public policy and not protect the freedoms of its citizens. Responsible pet owners are constantly being punished by overreaching legislation.

The reptile sector of the pet industry represents annual revenues over $20,000,000 for South Carolina’s small businesses. This does not include the additional tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue to hotels, restaurants, etc. revolving around reptile shows. This legislation will destroy revenue and force family businesses into bankruptcy. Reptiles purchased as pets require caging, food and other supplies. Over 70,000 residents in South Carolina responsibly own reptiles and many reptiles are individually valued well over $1,000.

Not only does this bill unlawfully punish the responsible keepers who currently have these animals as pets, but many animals will be senselessly killed. I implore you to vote “No” on H 3985 and uphold the freedoms of your constituents. Pet ownership is a matter of personal responsibility and not government action.

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