NO on Limitation on Number of Domestic Animals Ordinance

WHERE: Coon Rapids, MN

WHAT: A proposal to limit the number of domestic animals kept as pets, including herps, to twelve. More can be read here:


The meeting is the evening of 3/19/13. Share this with anyone you know in Minnesota ASAP. Please note, since this is a city ordinance, it is of utmost importance that residents of Coon Rapids use this Action Alert or attend the meeting. Please share this so it reaches these residents. Thanks for your support.

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Subject: NO on Limitation on Number of Domestic Animals Ordinance

I praise your devotion to the city of Coon Rapids. As a reptile keeper and enthusiast, I do not support or see proper reasoning for your proposed limitation on number of domestic animals ordinance. I strongly request you remove reptiles and amphibians from this proposed ordinance. I can appreciate your purpose to protect public and animal safety, but most reptiles and amphibians do not have the intensive care requirements of many other animals. A reptile hobbyist can properly keep over one dozen dart frogs or snakes, for example, with very little time requirements. Hobbyists breeding snakes keep them in specially-designed units that take very little floor space and a dozen dart frogs could easily be kept in one or two small vivariums. While anyone abusing animals should be punished, this ordinance is not the proper tool to effectively stop such crimes. Placing an ordinance on these reptiles and amphibians does not protect the citizens or pets of Coon Rapids but it does take away the rights of hardworking and taxpaying citizens. An estimated 80,000 Minnesota residents keep reptiles. Also, the reptile segment of the pet industry generates nearly $24,000,000 in annual revenue for Minnesota's small businesses.

Additionally, the climate of Coon Rapids will not support tropical or non-indigenous species of herps (reptiles and amphibians collectively). The temperature drops below freezing several weeks each year in Coon Rapids and just one night exposed to freezing temperatures will decimate exotic species of herps.

This ordinance is bad for Coon Rapids and its citizens. I implore you to remove herps from your revised ordinance. Continued legislation removes rights of Americans who have a passion for herps. America, and especially the great state of Minnesota, is about having rights and freedoms… Not taking them away.

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