Niles, Ohio is discussing a ban on all reptiles and possibly all exotic animals. Any locals should attend this week's meeting (information below) and speak against this absurdly over-reaching ordinance. Simply showing up and providing your support for those that do speak is greatly beneficial, too. The City Council will note how many people are there in support of the reptile community.

Those from surrounding and nearby cities should also attend. There should be a concerted effort to stop this in Niles so any new ordinance does not spread.

Remember to be civil and professional at all times! Any other behavior will only harm our community and our efforts.

What To do:


Call the Mayor's office and simply let them know, with civility, that you oppose any new exotic animal ordinance in Niles. See our sample letter if you would like to say more.

PHONE: (330) 544-9000 (Ext. 150)

between 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Send an email:

Click here to send a message to Niles officials You can simply copy/paste the sample letter below, but it is better to write your own or at minimum personalize our sample letter. Remember to be civil and professional!

Attend the meeting:

City Council public hearing location and time:

Wednesday, July 15 @ 6:00 PM
Safety-Service Complex
15 E. State St.
Niles, OH

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Your Message

Subject: NO to Reptile Ban

Dear Niles City Council,

Thank your for your time. I'm writing to respectfully request that Niles does not place any additional regulation on reptiles or other exotic animals. Ohio already has a strict exotic animal law that requires each owner meet proper animal husbandry and welfare standards. This law in itself was overreach and to place additional restrictions and bans would be unjustified.

There is absolutely no legitimate science, health concerns, public safety risks or sound reasoning to ban or prohibit these animals. Ohio legislators have already done what they felt was best for the State and its citizens. By placing further regulations, you are admitting you feel State officials are incompetent.

As an Ohio resident who will be affected by a proposed exotic animal ordinance, I urge you not to add a ban or over-regulation. A ban will end many educational opportunities involving these animals. Properly supervised educational outreach programs can have tremendously positive impacts upon students. Many Ohio residents present education programs using reptiles. Some even earn a living by teaching others about the animals they responsibly keep.

Ohio has a vast exotic animal community, especially so with reptiles. A public safety risk is not a concern, especially since the public does not come into contact with animals kept by private owners. This risk is propaganda pitched anti-pet groups with absolutely no valid statistics to support it.

Fortunately for Niles and any concerned residents, the State has laws in place and no additional restriction is required. Ohio has invested major resources, including millions of dollars, into developing what they feel is best for Ohio's environment and residents.

Bans simply are not the answer and they often lead to more problems than they attempt to resolve. With five million households in America having pet reptiles, and millions more having other exotic pets, you can see how an ordinance will impact many people, even in Niles.

Thank you for your time and consideration. As a tax-paying Ohio resident who will be impacted, please do not pass an unjust ordinance regarding exotic pets. At minimum, work with stakeholders who responsibly keep these animals and do not listen to the animal rights activists who push to end pets in America. I'm sure you'll see that reason and logic do not support an exotic animal ban or ordinance that is over and above the Ohio law. Have a good day.

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