EXPIRED: Nevada Senate Bill 245



UPDATE: Nevada SB245 will be heard by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources on March 28, 2013. Please click the link to help your fellow herpers and exotic keepers. Directions can be found at the link. Just select or type SB245, vote AGAINST, type a professional and civil message if desired, fill in your address and hit SUBMIT. https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/77th2013/A/

Dedicated Nevada citizens have successfully fought against recent legislation. The newest draft of SB 245 has large constrictors removed thanks to their hard work. Sea snakes were the only herp-related addition as the other listed herps were previously prohibited.

NOTE: Only Nevada residents should use the USARK Action Alert form. However, anyone may contact the committee members via their email addresses. Remember to be professional and civil! The USARK Action Alert can be found at this link:

WHAT:  Senate Bill 245 seeks to ban sea snakes and additional species of mammals not previously prohibited. Complete text can be found here: http://usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/NVSB245.pdf (Note: crocodilians and the included venomous snakes, other than sea snakes, were previously prohibited and are not newly listed)


In only a few minutes you can fight for your rights:

  1. Follow the directions and link at the top of the page after UPDATE
  2. Complete the USARK Action Alert form if you are a Nevada resident
  3. Complete the required fields (name, address, etc.)
  4. Enter the four character verification code
  5. OPTIONAL: You may personalize the message (PLEASE be civil and write appropriately)
  6. Hit SEND
  7. You will see a successfully sent message at the top of the screen
  8. You just sent emails to the Nevada Natural Resources Committee Members. THANKS!
  9. Share this alert with everyone and especially Nevada residents! Share this page by simply using the links below or copying/pasting the URL
  10. You may also contact the officials directly as their contact information is below.

Additional contact information is below should you choose to contact these Senators and officials directly. Please remember to act in a professional manner. Thanks for supporting your herp and exotic animal communities!

Senator Aaron Ford
email: Aaron.Ford@sen.state.nv.us
P.O. Box 96003
Las Vegas, NV 89193-6003

Senator Tick Segerblom
email: tsegerblom@sen.state.nv.us
700 South Third Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101-6703

Mark  A. Manendo
email: Mark.Manendo@sen.state.nv.us
3400 Cabana Drive, Unit 2039
Las Vegas, NV 89122-4243

James A.  Settelmeyer
email: James.Settelmeyer@sen.state.nv.us
2388 Highway 395
Minden, NV 89423-8923

Pete  Goicoechea
email: Pete.Goicoechea@sen.state.nv.us
P.O. Box 97
Eureka, NV89316-0097

Your Message

Subject: NO on Senate Bill 245

Nevada Natural Resources Committee Member,

I write today to oppose Senate Bill 245. I can appreciate your purpose to protect public safety, but these reptiles and listed wildlife pose no threat to Nevada or its citizens. Many species were previously prohibited and there is no need to add additional species.

These revisions do not protect the citizens of Nevada but they do destroy the rights of hardworking and tax-paying citizens. Over 40,000 households in Nevada have pet reptiles and reptile enthusiasts continually face legislation deciding for them which species they can keep. The same applies to exotic mammal keepers. Responsible keepers should not be punished and lose their right to keep animals properly.

I implore you to vote NO on this bill. This legislation is bad for Nevada and its residents. Continued legislation chips away at revenue and jobs for the $55.5 billion pet industry during a struggling economy. This legislation punishes responsible reptile and exotic pet owners and removes rights of honest and tax-paying American citizens. Please do not add additional species as prohibited.

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