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Subject: NO pet sale ban!

Dear Cambridge City Council Members and Staff,

Not only is the proposal actually bad for animal welfare, it certainly is not the role of the government to tell me that I, as a responsible and caring pet owner, do not have the freedom to choose my pet. Nor should any government official be so blind as to see that this proposal creates more problems than the one it claims to address. Attempting to find homes for animals currently in rescues is commendable, but this proposed sales ban is not the solution for doing so, nor is it constitutional in nature. Even 501(c)(3) non-profit rescues have submitted comments in opposition to this outrageous proposal. Irresponsible owners and those with bad animal welfare practices should certainly be punished. However, suggesting to do this by punishing responsible owners is utterly unjust and it won't resolve the issue at hand. Please realize you're being provided with misinformation and pseudo-statistics from many of those supporting this ban.

As a responsible pet owner and tax-paying citizen, I ask you to vote NO to the proposed amendments to Title 6 which would ban the sale of pets. This is a blatant example of collective punishment and claims that all people are incompetent to make their own choices regarding what animals they bring into their lives. Overreaching laws, nor bans, are ever the solution regarding pet ownership. Assuming animal keepers are guilty of being irresponsible until proven innocent is unconstitutional and is a perfect example of bad government. Hopefully, the council members will realize this proposal is wrong, both for animals and for responsible citizens. Thank you for your time and have a good day.


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